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Coffee Brewing

Check out step-by-step guides to manual coffee brewing! Use our online coffee gadgets to easily calculate ratios and timing. Experiment with your coffee!

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Coffee Beans

Here is a starting point to understand how to choose the best coffee beans specifically for you. There are many variables to consider and fun to learn.

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Coffee Gear

Discover the latest information, research, and reviews on the latest coffee gear. There are many ways you can go to brew that perfect cup of Joe or perhaps an espresso.

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Hi, I’m Sasha


Hey! I'm Sasha and the girl behind - the blog about Coffee!

I've worked as a professional barista and loved every part of that job. Even now and then, I really enjoy getting behind that espresso machine to pull some shots and make those tasty cappuccinos and lattes.

At, I work with a team of writers and baristas to provide you with well-researched and tested information on everything related to coffee

The coffee industry has grown so much in the last decade and expanded throughout the world. There are many coffee shops and cafes that offer specialty coffee (the good stuff). Coffee farmers and roasters continue to improve and experiment. And, the overall coffee industry is booming

Well... The bottom line, the world of coffee is amazing and very exciting, and in this blog, I want to share my little take on it with you

Quick Update: I'm excited to share that we've just rolled out our new caffeine statistics database over at!

Designed to give you all the information you need about the caffeine content in a wide variety of products, this is a comprehensive resource.

My team and I have worked hard to compile accurate and up-to-date data. This will help you make informed decisions about your caffeine intake. Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback with me as you explore the new database.

Interesting facts about coffee

Origin of Coffee Legend has it that a goat herder first discovered coffee in Ethiopia. After watching the goats nibble the cherries and then leap around, he decided to try them for himself. Yeah, he liked the effect.

Coffee Tree It's estimated that there are between 25 and 100 types of coffee plants. They all have different colors and shapes of leaves and fruit. Depending on the type, height can range from a foot-tall shrub to a more than 30-foot-tall tree in the wild.

Coffee Cherry What we call the coffee bean is actually the seed of a small red fruit conveniently called a cherry. In Ethiopia, they brew tea from dried coffee cherries. The rest of the world is happy with the toasted seeds.

Arabica and Robusta Coffea arabica and Coffea robusta are the two cultivated coffee plant species. The robusta plants are much more hardy and disease resistant. They also have almost twice as much caffeine. But arabica coffee tastes better. That's why most specialty coffees are 100% arabica.

Coffee Varieties A coffee variety is a genetically distinct subclass of the arabica species. Ethiopia is home to thousands of coffee varieties. Coffee plants in other parts of the world are much less diverse because they took root from a small number of exported plants.

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