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Super Tasty Iced Boba Latte Recipe (Easy Recipe)



Sasha Pavlovich

 ·  27 February 2023

Iced Boba Latte Recipe Image

Do you how many people are addicted to both bubble tea drinks and coffee?


Maybe, you’re even one of them. 

If you enjoy drinking cold milk tea, but you somehow wish that it contained coffee in it – then today is your lucky day.

Why? Because we’ll introduce to you our easy and delicious iced boba latte recipe!

Boba is usually paired with bubble tea. But did you know that it could also be combined with a handmade latte? We’re telling you, this coffee latte tastes divine.

A boba latte has shots of espresso and cooked boba pearls. It can also be layered to perfection. Absolutely, it has all the qualities you’ll look for in your next go-to drink.

It’s very straightforward to make as well. So, let’s get right into it!

What is Boba Latte?

Iced Boba Latte Recipe

As seen in the name itself, yes, Boba Latte is boba and latte combined in one drink. It has an espresso-infused twist on the boba pearls. 

Let’s digest it for easier understanding. 

Boba: This is also known as tapioca balls. Originally popularized in Taiwan, it’s made from tapioca starch that’s extracted from cassava roots. Typically soft and chewy. 

Latte: An Italian coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk. 

Just add ice, and it’ll be our signature iced boba latte!

If you like tasting different variations of coffee, you’ll really get to enjoy this take on the classic latte. 

How Does It Taste?

Iced Boba Latte Recipe

Close your eyes and imagine sipping on a glass of cold latte with hints of sweetness from the chewy tapioca pearls. That’s how boba latte would exactly taste – very delicious and refreshing. 

It’s not as sweet as mochas because it doesn’t have chocolates in it. Basically, a typical tea latte consists of steamed milk poured on top of an espresso. So, you’d expect it to be a creamier taste rather than sweet or bitter.

Overall, it really depends on each individual how they would describe the taste of the iced boba latte, but this should somehow pretty much give you an idea by now.

Our verdict? It’s delicious and perfect! We love it.

Definitely, this cold boba coffee drink is perfect to do at home.

The Ingredients For Iced Boba Latte


Use a Nespresso, espresso machine, or a Moka pot. Any roast can be used, whether dark, medium, or light.

Tapioca Pearls

Iced Boba Latte Recipe

You can get cooked boba pearls or you can also buy the dry ones that are sold at the stores. The dry boba balls are easier to make since all you have to do is to sit them in the water.

Brown Sugar

We strongly recommend using brown sugar to achieve the caramel-like flavor in your coffee. But, you can also use the regular white granulated in your coffee. Adding a small amount of honey is also optional.


Full milk or oat milk is what we recommend, however, you can always use any kind of milk you prefer in your drink.


Always use filtered water because the coffee will taste better, and you can never go wrong with clean water.


Use ice cubes that have been prepared with filtered water, too.

How To Make Boba Latte

Iced Boba Latte Recipe

Easy Steps To Make Rose Latte

  1. Pull Espresso Shots: Brew two shots of espresso (or ½ cup). An espresso machine is ideal, but you can also use any kind of coffee maker available.
  2. Cook Your Boba Balls: In a small saucepan, boil the water and sugar first before adding the dry boba balls. Turn down the heat to medium-high once you see big bubbles (Typically within 2-4 mins). Cook your boba pearls for another 8 mins. Let it sit until the boba isn’t too hot anymore. Still, keep it warm.
  3. Assemble Your Boba Latte Drink: Fill your tall glass with warm boba, and then add the ice cubes. Add the milk. Keep in mind to pour the milk directly into the ice to keep the layers separated. Lattes will look more delicious this way, too. Then, add the freshly-brewed espresso. Again, make sure to pour espresso directly onto the ice instead of into the milk to keep the layers of your coffee drink divided.
  4. Enjoy Your Drink: Use a wide straw or a boba straw to easily chew on the tapioca. You’ll also use the straw to mix your coffee drink.

Tips From the Experts

  • Boba balls start to solidify after about 4 hours, so don’t prepare them too quick in advance. 
  • Sugar syrup and ice do the refreshing layers. Make sure the sweetest liquid is at the very bottom, followed by the next sweetest. 
  • Always chew the boba balls. It’s not made to be swallowed as it may cause you mild indigestion. 
  • You can experiment with different flavored iced boba latte toppings and syrups such as cheese foam and sea salt crema. You can also adjust the sweetness according to your taste buds. 
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Iced Boba Latte Questions

  1. Can you purchase ready-made boba pearls?

    Absolutely. You can find instant boba brands online or at specialty shops. It is simpler to use because you can free up your time and just skip the boiling step.

  2. Can you put the pearls in hot coffee?

    Yes, you can. Please note though that hot drinks can make the boba extra sticky. So, having it cold is still recommended as it’s more refreshing that way.

  3. How can I adjust the sweetness?

    To lessen the amount of sugar in your iced boba latte, strain the tapioca balls from the brown sugar syrup when making the drink. To add more, just use more brown sugar syrup to your liking.

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