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A little bit from Sasha Pavlovich, co-founder, and chief editor:

What is coffee for me?

Coffee is more than just a beverage to enjoy each day. It’s a unique experience that delivers a burst of energy that is necessary for starting your day on the right foot. There’s nothing like the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the inviting and delicious aroma it creates in the morning. It’s something that allows me to have personal time alone in a quiet space before I venture off into the world. It’s something small I can take pleasure in and indulge in before I tackle new challenges and navigate a busy schedule. 

Sasha Pavlovich with the cup of Coffee
Sasha Pavlovich Author
Sasha Pavlovich Author

What is all about?

Every morning millions of people start their day with a cup of coffee in every part of the world. Whether the coffee is brewed, loaded with creamer, or served over ice, it shapes our day, adds up to weeks, and years, and ultimately affects our entire lives. 

This is why this blog was born.

The main goal of CoffeeHow is to help readers learn more about the world of coffee and all it offers to enthusiasts around the world. Discover amazingly tasty coffee beans, learn about their origins, and advance your coffee brewing techniques.

Note: To make a perfect cup of coffee, it's essential to understand the different factors that go into it, such as the type of equipment, beans, grind size, roast, proportions, water quality, temperature, etc.

Our mission at CoffeeHow is to make an easy and enjoyable learning process to help you brew a perfect cup of Joe with the confidence of an experienced barista. 🙂

Things you can expect from this blog: 

  1. Brew Guides
  2. Coffee Reviews
  3. Gear Reviews
  4. Coffee Shops Recommendations
  5. Recipes

Online Coffee Calculators by

Sometimes it can be a challenge to remember all the ratios, grams, timing, etc. That is why we decided to develop several coffee brewing step-by-step calculators. 

We have spent a lot of time researching and testing different variables to make sure the coffee calculators work the right way. 

Please use them for your convenience. 

Online Coffee Calculators by

icon team Our Team

avatar sasha
Sasha Pavlovich - Editor and Co-Founder

I used to be a professional barista and have been involved in the coffee industry since 2011. And I take my coffee very seriously! 

My journey started with instant coffee, but what really got me hooked is the amazing smell of freshly ground beans, it was unbelievable for me at the time and still is. Since 2011, I’ve trained to become a professional barista, coffee roast master, and sensory cup taster.

More about the author

Arne Press - Teacher

Arne Press is a co-founder of Trustona Media Limited. He has more coffee than blood running through his veins. In fact, he loves coffee so much that he started Coffeeness, which is an online resource where people can learn more about buying, storing, brewing, and enjoying coffee.

More about the author

Ellie Loxton - Writer

More about the author

icon review Our Review Process

Our review process consists of a small team of coffee writers and baristas who invest in exploring all the coffee world has to offer to coffee lovers. 

Although we aim to personally test out as many of the products we review, not all of them are possible. We still manage to give a large number of them a go.

Our review process is always extremely thorough and detailed from start to finish. We take pride in our work, which is why we take our time reading online reviews, taste-testing flavors, and researching the background of each type of coffee. 

We understand the value of our review process and what it delivers to our readers, which is why we are always honest and accurate.

We have high standards for the coffee we review and the brands and flavors best suited for our specific audience. Each review is backed by hours of research to ensure we continue to deliver consistency and reliability with our opinions and recommendations. Of course, same applies to coffee gear and coffee related products.

icon money How We Earn Money

CoffeeHow is 100% funded by our loyal readers.

We receive a commission every time you choose to purchase a product that we recommend. 

We believe our website has continued to succeed because our readers trust our reviews and have found them to be reputable. The price of the coffee never changes for our readers when we earn a commission.

We believe our reviews are what help coffee enthusiasts to further their love and passion for the beverage by discovering some of their favorite products on the market. 

Because of our readers, we get the joy of moving forward and discovering more coffees to test and review. Your readership and purchases fuel our addiction and allow you to continue to do the same as we deliver more recommendations. It also gives us the funds we need to discover more coffee equipment and gear to purchase. This is why we remain committed to the process and why our platform continues to expand.