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Popular Coffee Recipes

Some Coffee Jargon to Start With

Barista and Home Barista – These are people who prepare and serve espresso-based drinks, whether at a coffee shop or at home.

Latte Art – The technique a barista utilizes to create a pattern or design on the surface of the foam of espresso-based drinks with frothed milk.

Espresso And Not Expresso! – Derived from an Italian word meaning "pressed." Espresso is a strong black coffee made by forcing hot water through ground coffee beans.

CremaA thin layer of small bubbles or a brownish foam that forms on the top of a freshly-made espresso.

Flavor notes –  A written description of a coffee's taste, smell, and character. These are written as a guideline for your taste buds.

Aroma – This is basically the smell of coffee. Aroma handles various flavor attributes that are not directly sensed by the taste buds.

Acidity – A dry, bright, and sparkling sensation that is usually felt in the front half of your tongue. It helps you describe the quality of the coffee.

Grind – Coffee grind is the size of the coffee beans that have been ground up for brewing. The finer the grind, the less water can pass through the coffee. This affects the taste and the brew time. Basic example, a finer grind is used for espresso and a coarser grind is used for drip coffee.

The Role Of Water – Water dissolves the chemicals inside the coffee particle. As a result, it influences the extraction and taste of the coffee. Water is very important in recipes for coffee drinks.


Some Coffee Recipe Questions

Aside from a variety of hot and cold drinks, you can still make a lot with coffee! Some of the popular ones are coffee jelly, coffee truffle, Tiramisu, coffee cupcakes, and coffee mousse.

This is a flavoring that can be mixed with your hot or cold coffee to enhance the overall taste of your drink.

There are three (3) main types of coffee roasts. Light roast, medium roast, and dark roast. Each level varies in aroma, appearance, and flavor.

A pitcher is a container with a handle used for holding and pouring liquids. These are usually used in milk frothing to make lattes.

Cold brew is a coffee that has been brewed with cold water, instead of hot. This is made by steeping coffee in water for 12-24 hours at a cold temperature.

Iced coffee is either a regularly brewed coffee or a cold brewed coffee that is served over ice. This is very popular in coffee shops.