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10 Best Coffee Shops in Tampa. The Local Coffee Guide!



Sasha Pavlovich

 ·  27 February 2023

Many overwhelmed college students and working adults share a common love language: coffee. Whether you prefer decaf or caffeinated, iced or hot, coffee is a delightfully versatile stimulant.

Coffee feels drab due to the same old drinks and worn-out chains.

Fortunately, Tampa is flooded with independently owned coffee shops that serve heart-warming specialty coffee. Due to the massive number of coffee shops, it is impossible to list all; hence, we list only the ten best coffee shops Tampa!

All the ten have an excellent rating on Google, so you recognize the coffee has to be great!

1. Buddy Brew Coffee


Buddy Brew Coffee blends the country appeal of a modest coffee shop with the urbanity of a Neo American-style brewery. Buddy Brew prides itself on offering coffee, which defines how things stand. The coffee shop sources its beans from farmers worldwide when they are at the zenith of their flavor. The highly talented and enthusiastic baristas at Buddy Brew can transform any mug of coffee into beautiful and delicious art. Hence, living up to the coffee shop’s motto: “Brew good, do good.”

Even though the choices are not many, it is evident that the coffee shop is loved by many. The cafe owners have focused all their attention on doing things appropriately and adhering to what they comprehend.

At Buddy Brew Coffee, they give several snacks but not actual food choices, and that is what coffee shops should do at their hearts. In addition, the coffee shop has ample seating, and you are always confident of finding someplace snug to sit and appreciate several of the fantastic in-house blends.

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2. Felicitous Coffee and Tea House

10 Best Coffee Shops in Tampa. The Local Coffee Guide! felicitous

As its name suggests, Felicitous Coffee and Tea House will make those who come across it pleased they did. The trendy décor and heterogonous ambiance is the coffee shop’s pillar, creating a lively environment where you can delight in your cup of coffee with a Belgian waffle. The café’s retro interior decoration lends the space a unique 60s vibe, which brings the hippie-chic atmosphere flooding. The purpose of the coffee shop is simple: they gift you a smile.

When you peep at the café menu, you will realize they strive to cater to everyone’s needs, whether you are searching for highly-rated coffee or nutritional limitations.

The café’s vegan choices are pretty impressive, particularly the empanadas and cinnamon streusel muffins that are served along with hot coffee. In addition to serving your needs, Felicitous also has a dog menu for your little fluffy friend.

The café has two locations in Tampa to ensure that no one misses out on the greatness they serve, so check them out for some fantastic local flavor.

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3. The Lab Coffee

10 Best Coffee Shops in Tampa. The Local Coffee Guide! the lab coffee

Collaborating with local roasters such as Zeal Coffee, the Lab has everything required to cater to your needs. With a hipster atmosphere and a polished tavern design, the Lab continuously serves its esteemed clients something delicious. The coffee shop’s espresso and cappuccino are the most ordered drinks in this Tampa bistro.

This ever-changing Tampa coffee shop is situated off of W. State Street. And to keep the buzz going, The Labs regularly changes their coffee. The team behind the counter is there to help make your perfect beverage repeatedly and will even assist you in trying out other possibilities that you might not have thought about!

The staff members are unbelievably knowledgeable on matters of coffee, and you will recognize this the moment you sip their recently roasted coffee. The Lab’s coffee gurus love to talk coffee with their dear clients. And you will walk away with a new favorite and some nuggets of wisdom on matters of coffee. Apart from great coffee and pastries, the Lab is perfect for studying and work! Hence, if you are in Tampa, Florida, you should visit the coffee shop.

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4. Caffeine Roasters

10 Best Coffee Shops in Tampa. The Local Coffee Guide! caffeine roasters

The Caffeine Roasters’ coffee shop idea was born and raised in Europe; Nidas Kiuberis and his partner introduced the beverage brand in the United States of America, with its first location in Tampa in 2016. Currently, the coffee café brags about a vast Tampa fan base of their house-roasted coffee, including espresso. In addition to coffee, the café serves food to its clients, which they consume while enjoying the Caffeine Roaster’s comfy locations. The shop is also known for its fantastic lattes, and they also have a slow tavern for more sophisticated drinks that are always worth the wait.

Apart from the hot beverage, what else endears the coffee shop to the masses in Tampa? It is a relaxed, contemporary spot, and they also serve amazing pastries. The staff members are friendly and accommodating to the clients, and it is also a pet-friendly shop.

Hence, if you are in Tampa Bay and looking for an eatery that serves excellent coffee, you should visit Caffeine Roasters. Once there, we suggest you try out their ham and cheese biscuit with a poached egg, and you will be delighted. And to crown the moment, you should ask for an espresso, and you will never leave Tampa bay.

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5. Foundation Coffee Co.

10 Best Coffee Shops in Tampa. The Local Coffee Guide! foundation coffee

The Foundation Coffee Co. is located in the heart of Ybor City, right next to the beautiful Centennial Park and the Ybor City State Museum. It is considered by many as one of Tampa bay ‘s best coffee shops. The café has a cute outdoor coffee spot with lots of seating space. While the coffee house’s indoors are reminiscent of a painter’s cottage with a wide-ranging décor, art, and beautiful smiles. To the residents of Tampa Bay, Foundation Coffee is a gem hidden away from the city’s noise due to its quiet atmosphere, which lets you carry out your work in total peace. Plus, it is cozy enough to make you want to stay the whole day.

If you get an opportunity to visit the coffee house, ensure you try out their signature lattes. Lavender latte sounds like a fan favorite, and so is the Honey Rose Latte. The Foundation Coffee lattes will leave you thrilled. The café lattes have a natural flavor; hence, you do not give to sweeten them. Plus, they are well complemented by sumptuous pastries. Thus, offering you an experience like no other. And we are confident you will come back for more latte.

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6. Commune + Co.

10 Best Coffee Shops in Tampa. The Local Coffee Guide! commune co

You can never compile a list of the 10 best coffee shops in Tampa and fail to mention the great Commune + Co. It is noted as Tampa bay’s pride. The coffee house is a handcrafted coffee company that presents simple coffee service at its Tampa location. The shop is well-known and treasured for its Pressure brew. So what is a Pressure brew? It is an iced coffee in which a Commune + Co. barista puts your favorite coffee off the nitro tap system.

Upon opening its doors, the Commune + Co raised Tampa’s status as the home of the best coffee shops even further. The coffee house interior décor adds to its cool factor. The cold brew is popular with the people residing in Tampa. Try out Americano, cortado, and cappuccino if a cold brew does not delight you.

The greatest thing about Commune + Co. is that the staff members take pride in their specialty coffee with a commitment to craft coffees. Their high standards are the x-factor that lets this coffee house serve you the best coffee in Tampa! When you buy coffee at Commune, you revel in the most fabulous quality ingredients and the best customer service.

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7. Kings Arms Coffee Roasters

10 Best Coffee Shops in Tampa. The Local Coffee Guide! kings arms coffee roasters

The Kings Arms Coffee Roasters serves everything from a cappuccino to a pour-over or a cold brew; you can get caffeine in your system in many ways. The coffee house is located in the chief foyer of The River at Tampa Bay Church.

If you peruse the online reviews of the coffee shop, you will notice that they are laced with a lot of “wows” and smiley emojis. Hence, this confirms Kings Arms’ brilliance in coffee roasting and preparation. And we can confidently say that the place is comfortable, clean, and friendly. The staff serves you with a radiant smile, and they are very welcoming. Hence, making Kings Arms Coffee Roasters rank among the best coffee shops in Tampa.

If you have tried many coffee shops in Tampa, and all you got was a disappointment, then you should make your way to Kings Arms. We are sure that you have never come across a coffee shop that consistently guarantees excellent coffee standards and excellence levels for its clients. The coffee they serve you is recently roasted within the last two days giving maximum flavor. Hence, making it the coffee of champions.

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8. DI Coffee Bar

10 Best Coffee Shops in Tampa. The Local Coffee Guide! di coffee bar

Another mainstay in the list of best coffee shops in Tampa is the DI Coffee Bar. It is an elegant location to delight in specialty coffee and something to consume, and it does not matter if you desire to sit inside or rejoice in the alfresco weather. The outdoor is suitable for enjoying a coffee, iced beer, or a glass of wine while mingling with the warm baristas.

DI Coffee Bar serves Panther coffee, a coffee company based in Miami, to keep everything State-based. Panther coffee is roasters, retailers, and wholesalers making small-batch coffee beans for the sweetest coffee ever. That is why a coffee sip at DI Coffee bar is splendid and unforgettable. DI Coffee services also get etched at your mind’s back, courtesy of the whipped cream they serve your fluffy pet!

Among the many coffee shops in Tampa, you will go back to DI Coffee because it has so much character and fabulous coffee. Without forgetting its aforementioned super cozy ambiance and the chic alfresco and indoor seating arrangement. If you find yourself in Tampa Bay, kindly make your way to DI Coffee bar and enjoy the stellar espresso!

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9. Spaddy’s Coffee

10 Best Coffee Shops in Tampa. The Local Coffee Guide! spaddys coffee

Spaddy’s Coffee is ranked among the best coffee shops in Tampa, courtesy of its tasteful coffee and excellent customer service. This coffee house is located on Florida Avenue in Tampa! And it offers terrific coffee with an assortment of traditional and specialty coffee beverages! However, what separates Spaddy’s from other coffee shops in Tampa is its magnificent Courtyard! The perfect space to relish your drink as you relax and probably do some studies or work as you chat with a friend.

Spaddy’s is ranked among the best coffee shops in Tampa because it offers a well-rounded fantastic experience, both at its café location and its moveable coffee shop.

The coffee shop has a menu of teas, coffee, and several sumptuous treats and signature drinks to try. If you are in Florida, a visit to this Tampa coffee shop is mandatory.

In addition to serving the best coffee in Tampa, it helps us prove that not all coffee shops require a hipster ambiance to get ranked among the greatest Tampa Coffee Shops! The air is peaceful and welcoming and the perfect spot for a coffee date. The smoothies are fantastic if you are a fan of something refreshing and fruity. So, if you are in a dilemma in selecting the best coffee shop in Tampa, we suggest including Spaddy’s coffee shop in your list.

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10. The Blind Tiger Café

10 Best Coffee Shops in Tampa. The Local Coffee Guide! the blind tiger

The Blind Tiger Coffee Shop gets the honor of wrapping up our top ten list of the most incredible coffee shops in Tampa. Among the many coffee shops in Tampa, The Blind Tiger Café is the only place where comfort meets tasty coffee. The café has paid utmost attention to the location’s quality and community. Apart from serving the people high-quality coffee with distinct taste, their pastries are what also sets it apart from other coffee shops. Trust us; their pies are worth every dime!

Also, The Blind Tiger’s tea has a unique taste that you will never get in other coffee shops. With branches in Ybor, Seminole, SOHO, and Westchase, the bistro prides itself on its lounge and tasty coffee! Among the many coffee shops in Florida, the staff of the Blind Tiger is the only confident team to their Tampa Coffee shops as the greatest in the state of Florida. There must be something unique about their coffee shops that are scattered all through Florida to claim this!

Check out their coffee shop’s menu that features iced coffees, flat white, and more. Ranked among the best coffee shops in Tampa, its menu is rather long with all types of sumptuous coffee counterparts. Hence, among the many coffee shops in Florida, we recommend visiting the Blind Tiger Café if you wish to unwind.

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Final Thoughts

10 Best Coffee Shops in Tampa. The Local Coffee Guide!

There is no more terrific way of spending your day than with a mug of specialty coffee and a sumptuous sandwich in Tampa Bay. Hence, ensure you stop by a few of these coffee shops in Tampa, which we have proposed, but they are so amazing, you will most likely wish to try them all.

However, if we chose the best coffee shop in Tampa among the ten, we would go with Buddy Brew Coffee. We fell in love with how the team took pride in their well-roasted coffee with prudently made blends to make sure your coffee is nothing but splendid!

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