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Top 5 Smart Coffee Machines for Your Home



Sasha Pavlovich

 ·  10 March 2023

We live in a technologically advanced society and that means that our way of making and consuming food has changed. It has been a while since we began brewing coffee with the help of a machine but how can companies develop new technology for their line of coffee machines? Well, one way to do so is to make them smarter.

People all over the world are getting busier, but they still want a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, so smart coffee machines are quickly gaining popularity. People in Asia are becoming more and more interested in owning their own coffee machines, which can make their lives more convenient and cost-effective. This means that they no longer have the option to stand in front of their coffee maker and manually operate the appliance, just to get a brew before work. That is where smart coffee machines come in because now, you can remotely operate the coffee machine from anywhere so you can get your coffee ready at any time.


How Does Smart Coffee Machines Work?

A smart coffee machine is essentially a regular coffee machine but with the added functionality of being programmable and controllable. Some smart coffee machines also have an app that you can use to operate the machine, and some can be connected to a virtual assistant AI like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

There are also coffee machines that have neither option of connectivity, but they are still considered smart coffee machines because they can be automated if you have programmed them to be. This means that the machine will automatically turn on when you need it to be or turn off when not in use.

Another function available on smart coffee machines is adaptive brew technology. For example, you may not be able to control the brew setting or temperature of your machine which can cause your coffee to come out less than perfect. However, certain smart coffee machines can identify the different coffee capsules you are using and automatically adjust the brew setting according to the capsule so that you will get a good brew every single time. 


Should I Get a Smart Coffee Machine?

A smart coffee machine may not be for everyone because if you feel like your single serving Nescafe coffee machine is already enough for you, then you are already good to go. However, if you want the option of being able to control your coffee machine that is in the kitchen while you are sitting on a bean bag in the living room, then perhaps you can try looking into some smart coffee machines. The whole idea of a smart coffee machine is convenience so invest in one can really make your hectic life a lot easier to deal with.

There are a few things you should consider before purchasing a smart coffee machine and that includes the prices and functions of the machines. Since you will be paying for wireless connectivity like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a smart coffee machine will not be cheap. In fact, you could be paying two or three times the amount of a regular coffee maker and some people are not willing to do so.

The functions of a smart coffee machine can also be deal-breakers. The purpose of a smart coffee machine is still to make coffee, but it is the extra advantages that make them different. Some machines have smart technology to adapt to the capsules you use so you will always get a great brew while some machines will alert you when your coffee is done via push notifications.

Overall, smart coffee machines are a huge investment and if you think that it is worthy, there is no wrong in getting one for your home. Here are some of the best smart coffee machines that you can purchase on the market. 


Product Reviews

1 Keurig K-Elite K Single Serve K-Cup Pod Maker

Keurig K-Elite K Single Serve K-Cup Pod Maker

Key Features

  • Brews in less than a minute so it is great for a quick coffee fix
  • Multiple cup sizes so you can make a big cup of coffee or a small cup of espresso
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If you are the type of person who needs their coffee in the morning before they start work, then this coffee machine is the one for you. The Keurig K-Elite K Single Serve K-Cup Pod Maker is a one-touch coffee maker that is easy to operate and makes a great cup of coffee in less than a minute so you will never have to wait long for your cup of coffee.

The Keurig K-Elite K Single Serve K-Cup Pod Maker is also great for when you want different serving sizes throughout the day. Whether you need a large mug of hot coffee in the morning or just want a small serving for your latte, this coffee machine has got you covered. And regardless of the size, the Keurig K-Elite K Single Serve K-Cup Pod Maker will still make your coffee in less than a minute.

The highlight of this coffee machine is the automatic on-set button which will automatically turn your device on when you need some coffee or hot water. It will then be automatically turned off when it is no longer in need of saving energy. The downside to this smart coffee machine is that it does not come with a mobile app so you cannot control the machine remotely, but it does not take away the fact that it is still a great coffee machine.


  • Automatic on and off buttons
  • Multiple cup sizes
  • Large water reservoir for instant hot water
  • Energy saver


  • Requires Keurig pods
  • No mobile app

2 Hamilton Beach 49350 Smart Coffee Maker with Echo Dot (Bundle)

Hamilton Beach 49350 Smart Coffee Maker with Echo Dot (Bundle)

Key Features

  • Connects to an Echo Dot and Alexa
  • The bundle set includes the coffee machine and the Echo Dot, so you do not have to get them individually
  • Programmable so you can create new routines and schedule for immediate coffee at any time
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When it comes to smart coffee machines, you will expect them to be able to be connected to some sort of smart device so you can just use your voice to command the machine to make your coffee. Well, the Hamilton Beach 49350 smart coffee maker can be connected to Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant AI, so you can turn the machine on with just voice commands.

Not only can you use voice commands via Alexa to operate the coffee machine, but you can also set routines and schedules so that the coffee machines will automatically operate at specific times. The programmable feature can also be done via a machine app so you can change the schedule or set new ones at any time.

The Hamilton Beach 49350 smart coffee maker is a full-size coffee maker which means it brews a whole pot of coffee, about 12 cups. This may be a con to those who live alone or do not require such a large pot of coffee every single day. However, there are so many pluses to the machine, including a touch screen control panel, you might be able to look past the cons. Also, if you purchase the bundle set with the Amazon Echo Dot, you will be able to save money because you will not have to purchase the coffee machine and the smart device separately.


  • The bundle set includes the smart coffee maker and an Echo Dot
  • Makes up to a full pot of coffee (12 cups)
  • You can program routines and schedules


  • No single-cup option

3 Nespresso Expert Espresso Machine

Nespresso Expert Espresso Machine

Key Features

  • Premium coffee maker with different sizes and temperatures options
  • Takes only 30 seconds to heat up before making your coffee
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If you are going to spend money on a coffee machine for your home, why not splurge and get a premium coffee machine. Perhaps one that can be controlled with a convenient app so that you can program and set from anywhere you are. If you wonder if such a machine exists, then say hello to the Nespresso Expert Espresso Machine, a coffee machine by De'Longhi.

You no longer need to go to a coffee shop to get your fix of a premium cup of coffee because you can easily get it right in your own home. The Nespresso Expert Espresso Machine can brew coffee in four different sizes, which are Americano, Espresso, Lungo, and Ristretto. The machine also comes with three temperature settings so you can choose from medium, hot, and extra hot to suit your preference.

Another pro to the Nespresso Expert Espresso Machine is that it will only take 30 seconds for your coffee to be brewed and ready for consumption. You can also control the machine with a companion app so you can even start the brewing while you are still in bed. Like most Nespresso machines, this one will also require Nespresso capsules but thankfully, they are very easy to purchase, both in stores and online.


  • More options for serving sizes
  • Beautiful and sleek aluminium design
  • Heats up in just 30 seconds


  • Requires Nespresso capsules (pods)

4 De’Longhi Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso Machine

De’Longhi Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso Machine

Key Features

  • The one-touch operation is simple and convenient
  • There is auto-sensing technology so you will always get a good cup of coffee
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If you love a good cup of espresso or Americano, here is a smart coffee machine that is perfect for you. There is nothing like the strong kick of espresso and if you are looking to get it at home, try the Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso Machine. This is another machine from De’Longhi, and it is easy to operate so you do not need to be a professional to get a good cup of coffee.

The coffee machine is a single-serve machine that can brew an authentic cup of espresso, like the ones made by a real barista in a coffee shop. The De’Longhi Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso Machine has something called the Centrifusion technology that was developed by Nespresso, and it automatically adapts brewing parameters based on the capsules you use for your brew. The machine will know when to brew dark or light or even when to add a rich crema so that you can the perfect cup of coffee, regardless of the capsule you used that day.

The slim design of the coffee machine is not compact at only 5.5 inches wide, but it is also sustainable because it is made of 54% recycled material. The water tank is also removable, so you easily take it out and clean it when necessary. The good thing about the Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso Machine is that you can connect it to Wi-Fi, and it is Bluetooth enabled so that the machine will always stay up to date with any new coffee capsules. Read in more detail about the best Nespresso Machine models.


  • Great for lovers of barista-quality espresso
  • Offers serving options for different cup sizes
  • Simple to use one-touch operation


  • Requires Nespresso capsules to operate

5 Atomi Smart Wi-Fi Coffee Maker

Atomi Smart Wi-Fi Coffee Maker

Key Features

  • Quite affordable for a smart coffee machine
  • There is a companion mobile app that is available on iOS and Android
  • It supports voice control through Alexa and Google
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Some smart coffee makers can break the bank, but that does mean that you should give up on purchasing a smart coffee machine. The Atomi Smart Wi-Fi Coffee Maker is an affordable option for a smart coffee maker, and it has got all the convenience that you need. For starters, the coffee machine is Wi-Fi enabled and comes with a mobile app so you can control it with your smartphone.

Another way you can control the Atomi Smart Wi-Fi Coffee Maker is with Alexa or Google Assistant so you can turn it on or off via voice commands and you can even use the AI to check on the machine and your brew. If you prefer a more hands-on experience, you can manually operate the machine with its LED display and control panel. Not only can you program daily schedules so that you can have your coffee ready whenever you want, but you can also get push notifications on your phone whenever the machine is done brewing.

A downside to this machine is that you cannot get single servings because it will only brew a full 12-cup pot of coffee but there are just so many good things to the Atomi Smart Wi-Fi Coffee Maker that it is easy to look past the cons. The filter of the machine is also washable and reusable so you can use the machine for a long time.


  • Controllable with a mobile app
  • You can start a brew with voice commands via Alexa or Google
  • Includes a washable and reusable filter


  • No single-cup option because it only brews a full pot

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need Wi-Fi connection for a smart coffee machine?

    Some smart coffee machines are Wi-Fi enabled so you can control it via their respective mobile app. If the machine can be connected to a smart device like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, there might be a need for a Wi-Fi connection, so you can control the coffee machine via the virtual assistant AI. There are also ones that are Bluetooth enabled which may not require a Wi-Fi connection, but you will need to download the mobile app that is compatible with the machine.

  2. Are smart coffee machines compatible with Android smartphones?

    The use of applications for smart coffee machines is becoming increasingly popular in several coffee-producing countries, including Vietnam. There are smart coffee machines that come with a companion app that works with both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to control the machine whether you’re using an Android phone like the Oppo A5 or an iPhone like the iPhone 11. Some devices are also Bluetooth enabled which is an option available on all smartphones. You can also try connecting the smart coffee machine to a tablet to see if you can control the machine with your iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Top 5 Smart Coffee Machines for Your Home


Smart coffee machines are advanced, convenient, and they offer a wide range of coffee drink selections. You can add milk to your espresso to make a latte or you can add in some chocolate syrup to make a smooth mocha. The possibility of a smart coffee machine is endless and while it may be pricier than a regular coffee machine, you will not regret your purchase if you decide to get one for your home.

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