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Svenska Kaffeveckan

Date: May 4-7, 2023

Event: Svenska Kaffeveckan

Svenska Kaffeveckan

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Svenska Kaffeveckan, which translates to “Swedish Coffee Week” in English, is an annual event that celebrates the culture and tradition of coffee in Sweden. The event typically takes place in May and features a variety of activities, such as coffee tastings, workshops, and competitions. It’s a great opportunity for coffee enthusiasts and professionals to learn more about the Swedish coffee scene and network with others in the industry.

Gothenburg, located on the west coast of Sweden, is a vibrant and cultural city known for its charming canals, bustling seafood markets, and lively music scene. It’s home to numerous museums and galleries, including the Gothenburg Museum of Art and the Maritiman Maritime Museum. If you’re a coffee lover, you might also want to check out some of the city’s specialty coffee shops, such as da Matteo or Bar Centro.

Svenska Kaffeveckan