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Best Coffee Shops in Lubbock TX



Sasha Pavlovich

 ·  6 March 2023

For people who like to grab a coffee on the go, finding a good coffee shop is important. If you are looking for a nice place that makes great coffee or wants to enjoy the atmosphere, Lubbock has you covered. The best coffee shops in Lubbock are waiting for you to unlock surprises.

Therefore, take a chance and stop by them whenever you feel so. Every coffee shop Lubbock is a great place for meeting with friends for an afternoon as well. Check out these Lubbock coffee shops where you can have tea and pastry other than a cup of coffee.

Top 10 Best Coffee Shops in Lubbock

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Gold Stripe – Cactus Alley

Best Coffee Shops in Lubbock Gold Stripe Cactus Alley

Address: 2610 Salem Ave, Lubbock TX, 79410

Phone: +18064127303

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Gold Stripe began their operation in 2012 as a mobile espresso bar. Gold Stripe offers their services for events, social gatherings, office parties, and weddings. They started small and are now a popular place for people to unwind.

No wonder, they roast good coffee and you should visit the place to experience what it feels like. Whether it is about sitting and chatting with your loved ones or grabbing a coffee on the go, Gold Stripe can be your new favorite coffee shop Lubbock.

J & B Coffee Co

Best Coffee Shops in Lubbock TX

Address: 2701 26th St, Lubbock TX, 79410

Phone: +18067961114

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Founded in 1979, J&B Coffee Co. has been catering to visitors, students, and locals with a scrumptious treat. The place has a good seating arrangement along with warm wooden tones and brick walls. Also, they have private rooms and natural sunlight. As such, it gives you a great feeling, unlike others

The best part is that you can experience live music performances sometimes. The balance of utility and charm makes this coffee shop Lubbock a perfect place for many people. Especially solo study sessions, meetings with colleagues, or overdue coffee dates.

Monomyth Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in Lubbock Monomyth Coffee

Address: 2024 Broadway, Lubbock TX, 79401

Phone: +18063688183

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It is another great place for coffee lovers located a few blocks from Texas Tech. The earthy tones and bright ambiance set against the blue tile front counter, white walls, wooden tabletops, and plant life around makes it for a productive day.

Monomyth’s beautiful décor reflects thoughtful imagination carefully crafted into reality. The delicious coffee comes with homemade syrups. These might include dandelion chocolate, bourbon maple, or vanilla bean. So, grab a cup of coffee or even a cold brew latte while enjoying the vibe that it provides.

Gold Stripe Coffee Roasters

Best Coffee Shops in Lubbock Gold Stripe Coffee Roasters

Address: 9816 Slide Rd, Lubbock TX, 79424

Phone: +18064073444

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After starting as a mobile espresso bar way back in 2012, Gold Stripe has been a center of attraction for coffee lovers in Lubbock. If you appreciate and love the art of java, this is the right place for you.

They are famous for roasting some of the best coffee while getting the flavor out of every bean. Besides, the lounge area gives you a timeless classy feel. Visit their brick-and-mortar coffee shop Lubbock to enjoy your favorite beans.

Sugar Browns Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in Lubbock Sugar Browns Coffee

Address: 6701 Indiana Ave, Lubbock TX, 79413

Phone: +18064075877

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Sugar Brown Coffee is one of the favorite places in Lubbock where you get to taste their bold flavors. A few blocks from Leftwich Park, this place offers guests a complete coffee menu. They have regionally sourced rosters, seasonal drinks, pastries, and so on.

Grab a cup of coffee produced from the best beans on the go. Or, you may consider spending quality time in a homey atmosphere. The best part is that the interior has ample wooden furnishings and a cozy, vibrant ambiance.

Ninety-Two Bakery & Café

Best Coffee Shops in Lubbock Ninety Two Bakery Cafe

Address: 6303 82nd St, Lubbock TX, 79424

Phone: +18068535459

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Once you enter Ninety-Two Bakery & Café, the smell of brewed coffee will change your mood. Few places in Lubbock provide you with a hand-crafted coffee beverage. But this coffee shop has everything that you need.

Founded in 2015 by a coffee enthusiast, Sugar Browns has been a favorite place for many people. They have specialty coffee drinks made of hand-crafted and regionally sourced coffee beans. Apart from coffee, you can have breakfast, pastries, and lunch options.

Tumbleweed and Sage Coffeehouse

Best Coffee Shops in Lubbock TX Tumbleweed and Sage Coffeehouse

Address: 610 Donald Preston Dr A101, Wolfforth TX, 79382

Phone: +18068552033

Instagram Profile

Another locally owned coffee shop that has been a popular place for many people. They source the ingredients locally so that people don’t have to compromise on quality. This coffee shop specializes in providing high-quality coffee beverages along with delicious pastries.

Additionally, this place is famous for custom orders of coffee. They are always looking for new coffee flavor options that make people happy from within. You can always have the best latte options blended to their full potential. Also, they have freshly baked items.

Ninety-Two Bakery & Café

Best Coffee Shops in Lubbock Ninety Two Bakery Cafe

Address: 6303 82nd St, Lubbock TX, 79424

Phone: +18068535459

Instagram Profile

If you seek an airy, bright coffee shop, the Ninety-Two Bakery & Café is the right place for you. The coffees are crafted the way you like. What people like most about this place I that they have an amazing food menu that will make you full.

If you are looking for a sweet treat, you can get the best recipes in the form of pastries. They are incredibly delicious and light. Moreover, the atmosphere is amazing and the staff is friendly.

He-Brews Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in Lubbock He Brews Coffee in Lubbock

Address: 2700 Marshall, Lubbock TX, 79415

Phone: +18067120468

Instagram Profile

He-Brews Coffee is located on the shore and offers a picturesque view of Buddy Holly Lake. It is home to many coffee enthusiasts who like signature teas, lattes, and mouthwatering breakfast food items. It has an outdoor patio with amazing views and an indoor café.

The best part about the place is that you can even have kayak rentals. Apart from serving great coffee, this place inspires customers throughout their spiritual journey. In short, the place gives you the right atmosphere to spread kindness and love.


Best Coffee Shops in Lubbock Starbucks Coffee in Lubbock

Address: 4402 – 82nd St, Lubbock TX, 79424

Phone: +18067933335

Instagram Profile

There needs no special introduction when it comes to experiencing some of the greatest coffee flavors under one roof. Starbucks has been providing people with a rewarding coffeehouse experience for many years. And, they are continuing the same in Lubbock as well.

Starbucks offers delectable treats, fine pastries, and premium teas that will surely please your taste buds. Besides, the atmosphere has the right vibe that many people are looking for. So, visit Starbucks to experience high-quality coffee alone or with your friends.

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