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How To Choose Automatic Coffee Machines For Your Office



Sasha Pavlovich

 ·  30 October 2023

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Indeed, coffee has become significant in our daily lives. Most of us consume it to start our day. And some even drink it during lunchtime, dinner, or just whenever they feel like it. It has become the go-to drink of many people – including people in offices. 

Have you ever wondered why most offices have automatic coffee machines?

Of course, it’s to provide bean-to-cup drinks to the employees. But there is actually more to it. Studies show that having coffee easily accessible in the office increases staff productivity and decreases workplace stress

So, if you want to know how to choose an office coffee machine for the office but don’t know where to start, we can absolutely help you.

But before that, let’s get some facts straight first.

What Are Automatic Coffee Machines?

From the word “Automatic”, you would already have an idea that these machines are made to make coffee effortless. These automatic machines offer exceptional quality coffee with just a touch of a button. 

Automatic coffee machines have these built-in coffee grinders that will grind the coffee, fill, compress the basket, and brew an adequate amount of espresso. These machines usually produce highly consistent results.

Automatic Espresso Machines Price Ranges

The prices of automatic espresso machines vary a lot depending on their brand, features, and functions. If you are in Australia, Coffee Complex has a good lineup of fully automatic coffee machines. 

If you are getting your first coffee machine and you don’t want to splurge a lot of money yet, you can check out the Gaggia Brera Super for just around $439

Of course, there are also mid-tier espresso machine prices such as the Philips 3200 Series at $799, while the Jura GIGA W3 Professional is one of the most costly ones starting at $4,674.99.

What Kind of Coffee Can You Make With a Fully Automatic Coffee Machine?

Kind of Coffee Image

Whether you like it black or with milk, there are still a lot of variations you can make for a cup of coffee. Below is a list.

Without Milk:

Strong Coffees

(Ristretto | Espresso | Doppio)

These are small bean-to-cup shots, but strong. These coffees offer a good amount of caffeine that would definitely give your day the boost that you need.

Milder coffees

(Lungo | Americano)

These coffees are milder because they are mixed with hot water. And although both are mixed with water, their brew process is different so you would still get a different flavor.

Large, mild coffee

This is the mildest version of all black coffees as the brewing process is much slower. This results in the coffee being less strong.

With Milk:

Strong Milk Coffees

(Espresso Macchiato | Cortado)

If you like a little milk on your strong coffee, then this is for you. The espresso macchiato is an espresso shot with some scoops of milk foam. Cortado doesn’t have the foam but has more milk.

Creamy Milk Coffees

(Cappuccino | Flat White) 

A lot of people also prefer these creamy coffees. In fact, cappuccino is one of the most famous ones. It has equal parts of milk, espresso, and foam. Flat White on the other hand is stronger on the coffee side while less on the milk foam.

Milk Specialties with Less Coffee

(Cafe Latte | Latte Macchiato)

These are the best choices for true milk lovers. The Cafe Latte is a bit stronger because of the larger amount of espresso in it.

Customized Option

Even though you can’t really experiment a lot in an automatic espresso machine, changing the settings of the machine can make you customize how you’d like your coffee to taste.

How To Choose The Right Automatic Coffee Machine

How To Choose Automatic Office Coffee Machine Image

So, how do you pick the best brewing system for your workspace?

1. Programmability of your machine

It’s true that an automatic machine can do the work for you from bean to cup.

However, the question is: How much work do you want to be done for you, and how much do you want to do yourself? 

Do you want to control the grind size? Temperature? Or maybe strength

Keep in mind that some machines let you edit all these details while others can’t. If you like to customize more, then get an espresso machine with high programmability.

2. Brew Group

Ask yourself: “Do I like my automatic machine to be built-in or not?” 

The detachable ones are easy to clean and seamless to open up if something goes wrong. The built-in ones have a self-cleaning feature that is known to be handier. 

Again, this depends if you like to have hands-on control of your coffee machine or not. 

3. Milk Steaming & Frothing

Some of these espresso machines have functions to steam/froth lattes while some of them don’t.

So, the question will be: Do you like the milk steaming & frothing automatically done for you as well?

Note that if you choose not to have this option, then you might need to use a traditional steam wand and a milk frother to make these famous lattes.

4. Water Tank & Bean Hopper Capacity

Of course, these espresso machines also vary when it comes to their capacity. Their size impacts how much espresso they can make. 

It’s essential to always choose the water tank size accordingly based on your needs. 

If you want to brew coffee beans for your office, choose something with enough water tank capacity to accommodate everyone. Some of these machines can make a dozen shots in a row—which is perfect for an office environment.

5. Refurbished Option

If you want to save up to $500 when purchasing a coffee machine, then you may want to consider getting its refurbished version. 

These versions are serviced, returned, and are now working at their best. They aren’t brand new anymore, but they are working like one.

Final Thoughts

cofee machine for office image

By sipping coffee, people are proven to be happier and more motivated. It also allows people in the office to bond, hence, a better work environment.  

You may not believe it, but there are a lot of coffee lovers everywhere! So if you decide on getting an automatic espresso machine for your office, you’ll surely put a smile on their faces.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of coffee should I use?

    Any kind of coffee is fine on any automatic machine. We recommend using a medium or dark roasted bean if you are aiming for your coffee to taste better. 

  2. Is maintenance important?

    Yes. If you are using your machine daily, then make sure to clean it once a week to keep its quality and for cleanliness as well.

  3. Do I need to descale my coffee machine?

    Yes, but please do it according to what the manufacturer recommended. Some machines have indicators that will let you know once it’s time to descale.

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