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Iced Flat White Recipe: Your Next Comfort Drink!



Sasha Pavlovich

 ·  16 January 2023

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Do you want to make an easy coffee recipe that’s perfect for warm days? 

If yes, then our Iced Flat White recipe might be what you’re looking for.

Compared to making a latte or cappuccino, it is simpler. In fact, it’s one of the simplest coffees to make. It’s readily customizable as well – you can consume it as is, or with your preferred syrups. 

Basically, it’s really just espresso with a thin layer of steamed milk on top. An Iced Flat White might be the ideal beverage for you if you like creamy, espresso-rich, and cold drinks.

You can quickly make an Iced Flat White at home as long as you have your espresso shots, milk, and ice cubes. 

Ready to learn? 

Let’s get started!

What is Iced Flat White?

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This is an iced version of the traditional Flat White recipe. A Flat White is an espresso-based drink that has steamed milk in it. It’s a drink with a stronger coffee flavor than milk due to the usage of two ristretto shots.

Just add ice, then it’s our Iced Flat White.

Compared to a Latte, they’re actually very similar drinks. The texture of the Iced Flat White is more velvet than frothy, and there is less foam than in a latte.

How Does It Taste?

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An iced flat white usually tastes light and less chocolaty. It will indulge your taste buds with a powerful, rich coffee flavor and a refreshing milky taste combined.

Iced flat whites are simply delicious. Imagine two shots of powerful ristretto blended with the most delicate and exquisite milk foam and poured over ice—isn’t that inviting?

The Iced Flat White is indeed cool and very tasty. You may find yourself wanting to drink it every day. And since it contains a lot of caffeine, it can also give you a wonderful boost throughout the day.Trivia: You may learn to make different kinds of coffee recipes and forget them easily, but this drink is super easy and memorable and you’ll for sure remember it anytime.

The Ingredients for Iced Flat White

Whole Milk: If you desire to create cold foam, we recommend using 2% fat milk because it will result in foam that will stay the longest. Any other milk you have at home may also be used, although the amount of foam may vary.

Finely Ground Coffee: We recommend ristretto espresso because it’s brewed with finer coffee grounds and it’s about half as much water as regular espresso. You can also use regular espresso, however, ristretto will give you the best flavor.

Ice cubes: Use filtered ice cubes at all times. If you want Iced Flat White stronger, you can also make coffee iced cubes. Pour a large quantity of drip coffee into an ice cube tray and just wait for it to turn into ice.

Water: Use filtered water at all times on your drink for the best experience.

Sweetener or Syrup (Optional): This depends on what your preferred sweetener will be. Note that your coffee will gain 48 more calories if you add one tablespoon of sugar to it.

How To Make Iced Flat White

To prepare an iced flat white at home, follow these easy instructions. It’s really that before you know it, you’ll be savoring a chilly caffeine boost! 

  1. Start by making cold milk foam. You can accomplish this by putting milk in a frother or streaming your milk.
  2. Start brewing your ristretto shots on your espresso machine as the milk begins to foam.
  3. Fill a small glass with filtered ice cubes. Make sure there is enough to turn your coffee cold.
  4. Gently stir your coffee after adding it to the ice cubes. This will let the coffee cool down before the milk is added.
  5. Add cold foam milk to your iced coffee. See to it that you use as many of those small bubbles because these are what make the Iced Flat White distinct.
  6. You can also sweeten your coffee at your discretion using any kind of syrup.
  7. Enjoy your homemade Iced Flat White drink!

Tip: Before going to bed, you may already make the ristretto and just let it cool in the refrigerator all night. That way, you can make your iced flat white in the morning effortlessly!

Iced Flat White Recipe Card

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Iced Flat White Questions

  1. <strong>How is the Iced Flat White different from a Latte?</strong>

    An Iced Flat White drink contains less milk and a stronger espresso flavor compared to the Iced Latte. Some people may prefer Iced Flat White because of a richer espresso experience.

  2. <strong>How sweet is this drink?</strong>

    The foam does have a slight, natural sweetness in it but that’s all. Iced Flat Whites without sweeteners will be smooth and balanced rather than sweet.

  3. <strong>Is the Iced Flat White strong?</strong>

    Although it changes, the caffeine is usually 75mg per espresso shot.  Smooth ristretto espresso shots should be combined with the proper amount of milk and ice to produce a flavor that is neither too powerful nor too creamy.

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