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Savorista Coffee Review! In House Check



Sasha Pavlovich

 ·  27 February 2023

Do you love coffee but hate that jittery feeling after drinking too much? If so, then welcome to the world of decaf coffee.

Decaf has a pretty bad rap. It is true that older methods of decaffeinating the coffee bean led to dissatisfactory taste. Some methods used harsh chemicals. But all that has changed! Savorista Coffee uses either the Swiss Water or Sugarcane EA process. Both are natural processes that don’t use any harsh chemicals. And both produce a decaf that you probably can’t distinguish from regular.


The Story Behind Savorista Coffee

Kait, the founder of Savorista Coffee, reached a breaking point with her frantic, caffeine-fueled life. She knew that the constant coffee guzzling was part of the problem. But give up coffee? No way!

She wanted to preserve the ritual and bonding that drinking coffee can bring. So, she looked for a decaffeinated version. But none of the deaf coffees she found actually tasted good. But she would not accept that the unleaded version had to be second rate.

After over a year of being caffeine-free, Kait and her boyfriend, Daniel, took off in search of a better way to do decaf. They traveled through Colombia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. Along the way, they met growers and decaffeinators and tasted hundreds of coffees. When they finally discovered a truly exceptional decaf coffee, they began the work to create Savorista coffee.


The focus at Savorista is to help others discover the joys of a slower pace. This includes savoring artisan-crafted decaffeinated coffee. Today, they offer a range of decaffeinated and half-caf coffees for you to enjoy. They’ve done the hard part of seeking out the best decafs available. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and savor that slow-you-down cuppa.

Savorista is committed to ethical business practices. It works with B-Corp suppliers who value the growers. The coffee is naturally decaffeinated, never with harsh chemicals.

These arabica beans are grown at altitude and harvested by hand. The beans are artisan roasted in small batches. Savorista prints the roast date on each bag of coffee, so you know it is fresh.

You can buy a single bag of your favorite, or if you like saving money, you can sign up for a subscription. When you subscribe, you can choose a single coffee or opt for a shuffle subscription that gives you different coffees. Subscriptions are available for decaf, half-caf, or one that delivers both on a rotating basis. If you’re not sure where to start, their coffees are available in 5-ounce sample sizes. If you want to keep up with the latest offerings from Savorista, you can sign up for their newsletter and get a coupon for 20% off your first order. Also, here is a list of the top coffee subscriptions services

Savorista Coffee

The Coffees We’ve Tested!

Yesso! Espresso

We received a 10-ounce bag of decaf Yesso! Espresso whole bean coffee. The coffee arrives in a well-sealed bag with a one-way valve. On the side of the bag, the roast date is clearly marked. In our case, the bag arrived about nine days after roasting.

First Impressions

The bags are resealable, which is a big plus. It has a tear strip which reveals the re-closable zipper. It’s super easy to open and super easy to re-seal.

On opening the bag, we were immediately hit with a deep, rich, chocolate fragrance. The bag was attractive. It mentions the company is woman-owned and has the 1% for the Planet logo. The logo signifies that Savorista donates at least 1% of its annual sales to environmental causes.

Yesso! Espresso is a medium-dark roast sourced from South America. Our bag included the Castillo, Colombia, and Caturra varietals. The specific varietals may vary to maintain the same taste profile and freshness. Flavor notes on the bag included dark chocolate (definitely!), strawberries, and dried cherries.

coffee beans

The Experience

After savoring the smell a while, we ground 0.75 ounces of beans. We used a pour-over brewer for our first taste test. As expected from such a fresh bag, the bloom was vigorous. We poured 12 ounces of water through the brewer. That makes a ratio of 1 part coffee to 16 parts water.

The aroma of the brewed coffee was not as strongly chocolate as the fragrance of the beans, but it was still sweet and tantalizing. In the cup, it had the rich, bold, yet smooth taste you would expect from a South American coffee. But it had a more delicate and complex flavor than many Central or South American coffees. The dark chocolate notes definitely stood out, and the fruity flavor lingered.

The Experience

We also tried this brewed in a French Press with a 1:15 ratio. This produced a sweeter, more flavorful cup. The strawberry notes were fully present. It was one of the most enjoyable cups of coffee we have experienced. We did not miss the caffeine at all.

Finally, we made an espresso. We used a ratio of 1:2.5. As expected from the name of this coffee, it produced an exceptional espresso. It was smooth and rich and sweet. When we added steamed milk for a latte, this was as good, if not better, than most coffee shops.

The Experience 2

Personal Pour Overs Sample Pack

Savorista Coffee Review! In House Check 4 packet

We received the Savorista Coffee Personal Pour Overs Sample Pack. This sampler includes Panorama, Barely Buzzed, Colombian Inspiration, and Total Eclipse. The first two were half-caf, and the second two were decaf.

The process could not be easier. All you need is a cup and some hot water. Once you open the foil pouch, tear of the top of sachet at the perforated line. Then, pull the paper “ears” our from the sachet of coffee and place it over a coffee cup.

Because we were curious, we wanted to know exactly how much coffee grounds there were. The grounds weighed 0.53 ounces, or about 15 grams. Each time we filled the pouch with water, it held about 2 ounces. Of course, the slower you pour, the more water you’ll have per pour. If you pour then refill twice, you’ll have a coffee to water ratio of about 1:11. If you do one more pour, that will be about a 1:15 ratio.

There is no roast date on the box or the packets. The bloom was not as vigorous as when we ground the whole beans ourselves. But because the packets are sealed in a foil pouch, it did still taste fresh with complex flavor. If you don’t have a gooseneck kettle, we recommend tapping the sides of the sachet when it’s full of water. This will help flatten the grounds so you get an even extraction.

As a side note, the box the packets come in converts to an attractive tray. It makes the packets tidy yet easy to reach. They would make a great addition to a break room and other places where you would offer coffee.



The Panorama blend is a light roast half-caf coffee decaffeinated with the Swiss Water Process. We noticed the sweetness from the first sip to the light, lingering aftertaste. With a buttery mouthfeel, this was a thoroughly enjoyable cup. Panorama makes a perfect afternoon pick-me-up or for any time of day.

Barely Buzzed

Barely Buzzed is a dark roast half-caf coffee decaffeinated with the Swiss Water Process. This is a heavy roast on the edge of bitter. The coffee consists of beans from South America and easters Africa. If you love dark roast, you will enjoy the intense flavor of Barely Buzzed.

Colombian Inspiration

Colombian Inspiration is a single-origin, medium roast coffee decaffeinated with the Sugarcane EA process. This is a bright coffee with citrus notes evident from the first sip. The chocolate notes were more subtle. It left a slight caramel aftertaste. This is the coffee that inspired the founders of Savorista Coffee to start their business. We are glad they did.

Total Eclipse

This medium-dark roast has beans sourced from South America and eastern Africa. Some beans are decaffeinated with the Sugarcane EA, while others with the Swiss Water Process. The brew was rich with a medium body. The baker’s chocolate notes dominated the aftertaste. Overall, this is a good choice for both medium and dark roast lovers.


Popular Savorista Coffees

Savorista’s coffee is available as decaf and half-caf. The coffees are sourced from various spots, primarily South America and Africa. Each variety is available as whole bean, fine- medium-, or coarse-grind. Here are some of the more popular choices from Savorista. You can choose a 10-ounce or a 22-pound bag. Most are also available in a 5-ounce sample-size bag.

1 Colombian Inspiration (San Agustin) Decaf

Colombian Inspiration (San Agustin) Decaf

This is a medium roast and it's grown between 5,200 and 6,200 feet in elevation. Varietals include Caturra and Typica. The beans are grown by 64 small-scale producers around San Agustin, Huila in Colombia. Tasting notes include chocolate, caramel, citrus, and fruits. This was the first coffee offered by Savorista and is a tried-and-true classic.

It is decaffeinated through the Sugarcane EA process. Most coffees are sent to specialty decaffeinators far from where the coffee grew. In contrast, this coffee is decaffeinated at the origin. We'll bet that your guests won't believe it's decaf!

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2 Ethiopian Essence Half Caf

Ethiopian Essence Half Caf

This organic coffee comes from the homeland of coffee itself. It is sweet and smooth. The tasting notes include milk chocolate, raspberry, bergamot, jasmine, and honey. It consists of heirloom varietals. The beans are sourced from two different farms in the Oromia region in Ethiopia.

The beans for this blend grew between 5,905 and 7,217 feet in elevation. The plantation in the Guji area carries a Rainforest Alliance certification. The beans from the Jimma zone were grown by a third-generation farmer. All of the beans were decaffeinated with the Swiss Water process to retain the flavor and aroma.

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3 Barely Buzzed Half Caf

Barely Buzzed Half Caf

The beans for this dark roast coffee come from South America and eastern Africa. They were grown at elevations between 5,700 and 7,000 feet. Some people want to reduce their caffeine intake. Others just want to drink more coffee without experiencing the jitters. Either way, a half-caf coffee can do the trick.

This blend consists of Castillo, Colombia, and Caturra varietals. The tasting notes include dark chocolate, toasted marshmallow, and walnuts. It is decaffeinated with the Swiss Water process.

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4 Colombian Adventure Decaf

Colombian Adventure Decaf

This is another single-origin coffee from Colombia. It is also decaffeinated with the Sugarcane EA process. The roast level is light-medium to retain all the light, fruity notes.

These beans are grown on small family farms around Pereira, Colombia at elevations between 4,300 and 5,400 feet. Varietals include Caturra, Typica, and Colombia. Tasting notes include cherry, citrus, honey, and chocolate.

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5 Panorama Half Caf

Panorama Half Caf

This is another entry for those who want a boost but don't want the negative side effects of too much caffeine. This coffee is a blend of beans from Africa and South America. It was grown at elevations between 5,700 and 6,400 feet. It consists of Heirloom, Colombia, Castillo, and Yellow Caturra varietals.

Panorama Half Caf is a medium roast. Flavor notes include blackberries, brown sugared pecans, and green apple.

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Subscription Box From Savorista

Subscription Box From Savorista

If you have decided that it's time to slow down and savor life, a Savorista subscription will make everything easier. They offer decaf and half-caf coffees so good, you'll want to drink them just for the taste.

Savorista offers two different subscription programs. If you find a coffee you absolutely love, you can go into repeat mode and receive the same coffee with every delivery. They also offer three shuffle subscription options: decaf only, half-caf only, or both. With the shuffle option, you'll be the first to try any new coffees added to the lineup. With any option, you save 10% on every bag and get free shipping.

Sign-up is easy. Just choose your desired coffee or shuffle and click Subscribe & Save. You can choose to have deliveries every week or every 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks. After you add this to your cart, you can then choose how many bags you want to receive with each delivery.

Start a Subscription


  1. What is Savorista Coffee?

    Savorista Coffee is an artisan roasting company. It began with the sole purpose of bringing exceptional decaf coffee to the market. Since then, they have added half-caf coffee to their lineup.

  2. Is Savorista Coffee good?

    Yes. Savorista develops relationships with the growers to secure the best specialty coffee available. The goal is to provide coffee you will savor, not fuel more busyness.

  3. How much does a Savorista Coffee subscription cost?

    With a Savorista subscription, you will save 10% on each bag of coffee and enjoy free shipping. The exact amount will depend on which particular coffee you want to be delivered. Current prices range from $17.50 to $19.50 per 10-ounce bag or from $45 to $49.50 per 2.2-pound bag.

The Results: Seal of Approval!

When you need to dramatically reduce your caffeine intake, Savorista Coffee can help. All the beans are decaffeinated with are either the Swiss Water or Sugarcane EA process. The best thing is that you won’t sacrifice taste. The Yesso! Espresso that we tried was as good or better than coffee shop offerings. Try out a bag today. Or better yet, start a subscription!

Savorista Coffee

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