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12 Best Dog-friendly Cafes In The USA



Sasha Pavlovich

 ·  3 March 2023

With more and more people working from home during the pandemic and lockdown, dog ownership in the USA soared. 

Once cafés and restaurants opened their doors again, many foody venues included our furry friends as well as their owners in their clientele. Now, you can find dog treats and even specialty pup food menus in dog-friendly eateries across the country.

Here are our favorite 12 dog-friendly cafés and restaurants in the USA.

1. Fred 62, Los Angeles, California

12 Best Dog-friendly Cafes In The USA fred62

Fred 62 is located on the edge of Griffith Park, LA. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day, offering a range of food, including fried chicken, waffles, ramen, or a little brunch. There’s also an extensive plant-based menu for veggies and an endless supply of excellent specialty coffee.

Dogs are welcome, so you and your canine companion can enjoy a spot of celebrity watching while you’re eating.

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2. Baked & Wired, Washington DC

12 Best Dog-friendly Cafes In The USA bakedandwired

Baked & Wired provides such a mouthwatering array of human treats, from tray bakes to brownies, that it’s impossible to know what to munch on first! 

Fido is not forgotten either! Treat your pup to a box of Zillabonez in four yummy flavors that your dog is sure to love.

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3. Lost Dog Café, Virginia

12 Best Dog-friendly Cafes In The USA lost dogs

The Lost Dog Café is a bar and restaurant chain with multiple sites across Virginia. The Lost Dog serves a range of posh pizzas that you can wash down with craft beers. Your dog can enjoy treats, too, and a percentage of their profits go to the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation to help homeless pets.

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4. Tin Shed Garden Café, Oregon

12 Best Dog-friendly Cafes In The USA tin shed garden

The Tin Shed Garden Café in Portland is the ideal location for a tasty brunch and is one of many good reasons to bring your designer dog!

The food served in this quirky venue is responsibly sourced and includes such delights as French toast, breakfast burritos, and scrambled egg stacks. There’s a separate menu full of doggy delights, including free-range chicken! Buy your pup a branded bandana to make a donation to the restaurant’s chosen animal charity of the year.

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5. Pacific Catch, California

12 Best Dog-friendly Cafes In The USA

Pacific Catch is located on the edge of Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Here, you can enjoy all things fishy, including fresh catches, salmon poke, and seared tuna. There’s a huge patio where you and your canine companion can chill out after a long walk. Pacific Catch has other locations in the state, from San Diego to Santa Clara.

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6. The Watering Bowl, Denver, Colorado

12 Best Dog-friendly Cafes In The USA

This place in Denver is a favorite with dog owners and their pets. The Watering Bowl is part restaurant, part dog park. While you enjoy such delights as mammoth burgers and chicken wings, or perhaps simply sip a cold Colorado beer, your dog can play off-leash on the huge outside patio.

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7. Boris & Horton, New York City

12 Best Dog-friendly Cafes In The USA boris horton

You won’t find a more dog-friendly café than Boris & Horton in New York City!

Here, Fido is encouraged to roam freely around the place off-leash and is welcome to jump up onto the seats, too! While you watch your pet exploring, enjoy a tasty Danish or posh toast. 

This place is totally dog-focused, offering puppy birthday parties, canine CPR courses, and other celebrations. Events are held regularly to find the city’s homeless pups loving, forever homes.

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8. Bangers, Austin, Texas

12 Best Dog-friendly Cafes In The USA

Bangers markets itself as a “sausage house” and beer garden. Check out the restaurant’s amazing range of pig roasts, homemade sausages, and pickled veg, or enjoy Sunday brunch with craft ale.

Your dog is welcome here, too. If you’re lucky, the restaurant might even give your pup a sausage or two!

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9. Yellow Dog Eats Kitchen & Bar, Florida

12 Best Dog-friendly Cafes In The USA yellow doge ats

The Yellow Dog Eats Kitchen & Bar is located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The menu here is epic! Chow down on Mexican wraps, pulled pork sandwiches, and turkey or tuna with maple roasted bacon, washed down with craft beer on tap. 

Your dog will enjoy lots of fuss and is welcome, too.

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10. The Olde Pink House, Savannah, Georgia

12 Best Dog-friendly Cafes In The USA

The Olde Pink House restaurant sits within the splendor of an 18th-century mansion in Savannah, serving a range of all-time classic delights, such as chicken pot pie and jumbo shrimp cocktail.

Book ahead, as this place is super-popular, then enjoy the view from the massive patio with your furry friend.

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11. Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, Las Vegas

12 Best Dog-friendly Cafes In The USA

Your dog gets his own menu in the Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar! Fido can enjoy grilled hamburgers or chicken breast served with healthy veggies or brown rice while you snack on something from a massive, small plates menu or choose from a range of delicious cakes. 

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12. The Original Crab Shack, Georgia

12 Best Dog-friendly Cafes In The USA

This formerly modest seafood shack is now a supremely popular eaterie in Tybee Island, Georgia. This restaurant encourages a super-casual attitude with their motto, “where the elite eat in bare feet,” setting the overall laid-back tone.

Enjoy favorites, such as clam chowder, raw oysters, and locally caught fresh seafood. Your dog can enjoy the chilled-out vibe, too, in this dog-friendly restaurant.

This dog-loving crew also hosts dog parties and other canine-centric events, and the proceeds from their branded merchandise go to a local dog rescue charity.

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Final Thoughts

12 Best Dog-friendly Cafes In The USA

These days, there’s no need for your beloved canine companion to miss out on the fun when you go out to eat!

Across the country, more and more restaurants and cafés are opening their doors to dogs, and some even offer a dog-focused menu, especially for your furry friend. But a word of warning; the food and beer at the venues we’ve featured in this guide are so good that you and Fido will need to go for an extra-long walk afterward to work off all those calories!

12 Best Dog-friendly Cafes In The USA dog friendly cafes pin

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