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7 Surprising Facts About Coffee You Should Know if You Want to Keep Being Healthy



Sasha Pavlovich

 ·  10 March 2023

Perhaps you love a cup of coffee every time you feel your energy dwindling or your concentration deviating from your task at hand. How much do people actually know about coffee? Keep reading this article and find out some of the most interesting facts about coffee in the world.

A day without a freshly brewed cup of coffee is almost unthinkable for excellent coffee lovers around the world. It is not uncommon for them to be nicknamed “coffee addicts” precisely because of this trait – but we understand them. Drinking one or more cups of coffee a day is not necessarily a bad habit, in fact, it has been proven to have more benefits than harm, which has been confirmed by scientists. If we are talking about the first cup of coffee in the morning, it definitely gives us the energy we need to make the most of our day. When we talk about the health effects of coffee on our health, it has been confirmed that it protects against liver disease, but also from type 2 diabetes, and eliminates the problems with heart failure. In the continuation of the article, we offer you some more interesting facts about coffee, which you probably didn’t know until now:

1. The Socially Acceptable Drug

Every drug has its positive and negative sides. Anything that alleviates your current condition and has potential side effects falls under the classification of a drug. Coffee is no exception as its main constituent, caffeine, is an acceptable standard across all standards. Ideally, coffee helps you improve your alertness, mood, focus, and even concentration. On the other hand, you may also have anxiety, sleeplessness, and withdrawals if you attempt to have a caffeine-free life without taking coffee.

2. The Working Mechanism

Coffee has a high percentage of caffeine, which gives rise to the effect you feel after taking a coffee cup. As soon as you consume a cup, it takes an average of 20 minutes before your brain feels the fantastic effects. Consequently, it blocks the adenosine neurotransmitter that passes information to your brain.

Naturally, the transmitter usually relays information that your body is tired, and you need to take a rest. However, when such an information channel does not go through, it triggers your mind to stay alert. Additionally, it also increases the secretion of dopamine, which is a mood booster.

3. One of the Best Trading Commodity

A significant part of the population relies on coffee as an everyday beverage. Therefore, it comes as no exception when it comes second to crude oil as the most traded commodity.

Water is a freely and naturally occurring beverage that is the most popular in the human race, thanks to its immediate need. However, coffee takes second place thanks to its frequent consumption among people of different ages, gender, races, and even nationalities.

Therefore, the trade results from countries with a considerable amount of coffee growing to different parts across the globe. Additionally, its packaging through the coffee beans or powder has ease of use, making it a standard beverage. You can purchase coffee in powder form, stir up a spoon into the hot water of your favorite mug and have a dose of caffeine. Ordering coffee through delivery services made our lives easier. You can simply order it with ease and enjoy the daily ritual without spending time on its preparation. Alternatively, if you prefer to make the powder to your specifications, you can get the coffee beans and grind them to express their constituents, commonly referred to as espresso.

4. Coffee is considered a “food”

If you want a reason to love a mix of coffee and food, then you can find some great ideas here such as Cranberry Coffee Cake Muffins with Sticky Sweet Glaze or Espresso Rubbed Steak with Garlic Potato Wedges, and much more. Get your favorite buzz of coffee not just from drinking unlimited cups of it but by incorporating it as a key ingredient in your best recipes. With Dinnerly, you can discover breakfast recipes, desserts and so much in between which can use the complex flavors of coffee to add more depth to your dishes. Imagine when you surprise your friend by using coffee as an ingredient rather than just a drink when you invite them over. After all, coffee as a drink can be considered traditional but use it as an ingredient and it becomes exotic. So next time you grab your favorite cup of coffee, get some extra to get to cooking with it as well.

5. The Effects Differ

While your colleague may have two cups of coffee and experience remarkable mood improvement and mental alertness, it may work differently with you. Ideally, caffeine processing will differ from one person to another depending on their gender, racial classification, and even lifestyle habits. For instance, women will experience the effects faster than their male counterparts.

Additionally, the difference in effects also results from the fact that there are different coffee species types. Consequently, some coffee variations will have more substantial doses than others.

6. Light is Stronger than the Dark Version

You may think as the berry products get darker, so will the coffee’s aroma and taste. However, that is a different narrative in the real sense. Typically, a darker berry roasting to produce a darker powder form does not automatically translate to having a more refined taste with a more decadent aroma—instead, the extra awesomeness in a cup of coffee results from lighter roasts.

7. Did You Know it is a Fruit?

7 Surprising Facts About Coffee You Should Know Coffee Beans

Perhaps you may think that coffee is grown like the tea plantations, getting its benefits from harvesting the leaves. However, coffee grows on bushes, reproducing to form a berry, which is a fruit. It can be in two forms, either green or red beans. The red variety, however, has a more pleasant aroma and has less acidity, being the best preference for lighter roasted coffee.

However, it is also essential to note that there is a different variety of coffee which stems from cat and elephant poop. For such combinations, it forms the highly prized coffee type across the world. Such a mixture is typical among people who do not have a great liking for the coffee resulting from the red or green berries.

Anytime you feel like having trouble concentrating on your tasks with reduced energy levels, coffee is one of the best attractions for almost instant results. Additionally, you can freely take coffee without the fear that you will have severe addictions.

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