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Advantages of Having a Coffee Machine at Workspace



Sasha Pavlovich

 ·  10 March 2023

Ask your employees whether they’d like to have a coffee machine in your workspace and they will probably say “yes”. As an employer, you need to consider the pros and cons rather than just moving forward with what can be an expensive purchase.

A coffee machine is a more realistic choice for most companies in the modern age, and you don’t have to have barista skills to operate it. You can buy bean to cup coffee machines that can do the majority of the work for you. These use espresso makers, water, and milk supplies, to create a beautiful coffee in whatever style your employees and customers prefer. You can have a simple espresso, a long black, or a latte. Some of these machines offer dozens of coffee varieties.

A Reward For Employees

Why not give your employees the perk of a coffee machine on-site? A lot of younger people are moving away from instant coffee. Bean to cup coffee machines are helping with this, and simple home methods such as a V60 coffee dripper. Many young people have other methods of drinking coffee and enjoying coffee, either by visiting a coffee shop or making delicious craft coffee at home. Pod machines have also played a part in this growth of other methods.

So, you don’t want your employees to come to work and have to rely on instant coffee if they don’t enjoy it. Employees will appreciate the gesture, and even though a bean to cup coffee machine can be expensive, it is a long-term investment and it can be enjoyed by all employees.

To Save Money (And Avoid “Coffee Runs”)

Having a coffee machine can avoid you or your staff having to make costly and time-consuming coffee runs. Have you got a coffee shop around the corner that your employees always use? This is fine, and perhaps taking a break away from the office should actually be encouraged. At times when you just want some coffees for a meeting or to enjoy at your desk, the option to make the coffee at work is ideal.

Making People More Productive

A recent article from Business Insider sums up the benefits of consuming coffee when it comes to productivity. It tends to make people much more alert and even has some additional benefits to productivity such as making people more sociable.

The article linked to above is based on studies, of which there are plenty. However, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that coffee can make people more productive. If you have ever had that little “high” feeling you get from drinking coffee, or the boost that caffeine provides, you’ll know that it can get you out of your sluggish start to the day or even through the Friday afternoon slump.

Encouraging Breaks

Most workplaces are starting to understand the fact that people are not machines. We all have our own ways of working, but breaks should always be a part of that.

There is a reason why so many people refer to it as a “coffee break” as the two things tend to go hand-in-hand. The trend of trying to get employees to work like robots and skip breaks and lunchtimes should definitely be over. This doesn’t do anyone any favours. As this Forbes study shows, people who take breaks are actually more likely to retain information and become more productive in the process.

By taking a break with a coffee, your employees can enjoy the double bonus of both having a break away from work to refresh and process, but also getting the boost of caffeine and fuel from healthy food, too. Workplaces that actually encourage breaks are likely to be more productive, so this isn’t like doing employees a favour, it’s best for absolutely everyone.

A Good Impression For Guests

There might be a little bit of snobbery here, but that’s almost inevitable when it comes to inviting people into your business. Whether it is a potential client or customer, or someone who is using your services, or even thinking about getting a job within your establishment, you want to make a good impression.

If you were to visit for a business meeting, you might not necessarily judge a business if you were offered supermarket-brand instant coffee. However, there’s a chance you might be impressed if you were offered the choice between 20 different types of barista-style drinks. It’s one of those subtle ways that you can make people take notice and give those subtle signs that your business is professional. The fact that you have thought about things like this will make people take note.


A lot of people don’t ever really consider the impact that installing that coffee machine can have, especially if you have a team of coffee lovers. If you don’t enjoy coffee yourself, you may be even more likely to overlook getting a pod machine or a bean to cup coffee machine, but your employees will most likely thank you for making the purchase.

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