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Volcanica Coffee Review. Buyer’s Guide!



Sasha Pavlovich

 ·  27 February 2023

In America, coffee is one of the most popular and commonplace beverages. Walk into your average grocery store, and the coffee aisle is sure to have a bountiful selection. But finding coffee beans that are super fresh, expertly sourced, and delicious? That’s a more difficult task.

Volcanica Coffee Company is an online coffee retailer that recognizes this challenge. They’re committed to sourcing only the best quality beans. A wide selection of coffees from many regions of the world means there’s something for everyone.

If the coffee aisle at your local grocery store isn’t cutting it, you might want to try an online retailer like Volcanica. In this article, we’ll share an overview of the company and provide a detailed Volcanica Coffee review. We’ll help you decide if Volcanica Coffee could be the one stop shop to meet all your coffee needs.

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Company Story

Volcanica Coffee Company focuses on one simple mission. They want to make sure your morning cup of coffee comes from the best tasting beans.

As their namesake suggests, they believe the best coffee comes from the volcanic regions of the world. Hanging out at over 3,000 feet above sea level, these regions have the benefit of rich volcanic soil and an ideal climate for growing coffee. Countries like Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Hawaii (Kona) all fit this bill and, according to Volcanica, produce some of the world’s best coffee.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Volcanica has been operating since 2004. They source their coffee beans from all over the world and roast them weekly in their Atlanta facility.

While great tasting coffee is their primary mission, they also focus on giving back. They’re committed to donating 1% of all sales to charity and describe their company as built on Christian principles.

Volcanica Coffee Review 2

Volcanica Coffee Review

Best Sellers! Most popular coffees on Volcanica.

1 Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee
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Ethiopia is the sixth largest coffee producer worldwide and is well known as growing some of the best coffee. It’s no wonder that Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is Volcanica’s best-selling bean. In addition to its outstanding flavor, this varietal is also Fair Trade certified and organically grown.

Yirgacheffe is valued for its medium body and complex flavor. It has a pleasant, bright acidity, fruity, floral notes, and an extended aftertaste. Volcanica brings their Yirgacheffe to a medium/light roast. This brings out flavor notes of lemon, blueberry, and blackberry.

While this is a high-quality bean, the price tag remains highly affordable at about $20 per pound.

2 Kenya AA Coffee

Kenya AA Coffee
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Kenya AA is another well-known, high-quality coffee that’s a best seller for Volcanica. It has a full body, lively acidity, and slightly sweet aftertaste.

These beans are proof that you don’t always need a dark roast to get a bold and rich cup of coffee. Volcanica carefully roasts them medium/light to bring out the most interesting flavor notes. You’ll taste notes of berries, citrus, and even some woody and floral scents.

Coffee is Kenya’s third largest export, so they take their coffee very seriously. They rate their coffee beans according to the size of the bean and best flavor. AA is the highest designation on this rating system, placing this particular bean among the best.

3 Tanzania Peaberry Coffee

Tanzania Peaberry Coffee
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Peaberry coffee beans result from a natural mutation that occurs in coffee beans around the world. Tanzania is one of the most well-known regions for producing this specialty coffee. Due to their concentrated and complex flavors, peaberry coffees are highly prized.

Volcanica’s Tanzanian Peaberry is specially roasted because of the unique shape and density of the bean. A medium roast brings out the bright acidity and notes of dried fruit, chocolate, and citrus.

Since peaberry beans are a random mutation in regular coffee beans, they must be hand sorted. This ensures the highest quality and uniformity in the beans. Volcanica’s Tanzania Peaberry is also UTZ certified. Part of the Rainforest Alliance, UTZ certification means this coffee is sustainably produced.

4 Low Acid Coffee

Low Acid Coffee
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There are lots of factors that contribute to the acidity of coffee. Beans grown at lower altitudes naturally tend to be less acidic. Certain varietals are naturally less acidic based on other environmental factors. How the beans are processed and roasted also affects acidity.

Volcanica’s low acid coffee is a blend of different beans that are naturally low in acidity. This blend includes beans from regions like Brazil, Sumatra, and other lower altitude areas.

You’ll discover notes of chocolate, nuts and tangerine in this varietal. It’s a medium roast which also helps lower the acid content. The longer the roasting time, the fewer acidic components remain in the final product.

5 Decaf Coffee - Costa Rica Tarrazu

Decaf Coffee - Costa Rica Tarrazu
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This is Volcanica’s top selling single origin decaf. It has a full body, smooth finish, and bright flavor. Notes of chocolate, apples, and nuts distinguish this medium roast. Volcanica uses the Swiss Water Process to decaffeinate theirs coffees. This ensures the best tasting cup of coffee without using any chemicals.

Costa Rica Tarrazu is one of the top-rated coffees worldwide. Volcanica preserves this bean's special character in their decaf version. Because it’s grown at a high altitude, it has a wonderful acidity and rich flavor. Additionally, these beans are harvested by hand and processed with the utmost care to ensure quality.


Volcanica Coffee By Category

1 Low Acid Coffee

Low Acid Coffee
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Volcanica carries a variety of low acid coffees, including options for decaf, organic, cold brew, espresso, and more.

Low acid coffee doesn’t just describe the taste but the actual level of acidity in the coffee. With a pH of 5 or above, low acid coffee is a great option for people with health concerns or stomach sensitivity.

2 Decaf Coffee and Decaf Flavored Coffee

Decaf Coffee and Decaf Flavored Coffee
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High-quality, delicious coffee isn’t just for caffeine lovers. Volcanica has a large selection of decafs for all tastes and preferences. They specially process their decaf beans without any chemicals to achieve the best taste.

You're bound to find your new favorite decaf among these offerings. You can choose from plenty of varietals and options like espresso, half caff, organic, low acid, and flavored.

3 Coffee Blends

Coffee Blends
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While Volcanica mainly focuses on single origin coffees, they also have a selection of high-quality coffee blends. With each blend, they’ve expertly crafted a unique and delicious combination of aromas. They roast the beans separately by origin and then combine them to ensure they’re bringing out the best flavors from each varietal.

4 Dark Roast Coffee

Dark Roast Coffee
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Dark roast coffee has a distinct smokey and rich flavor. The majority of coffees Volcanica sells are medium roasts, but they have a healthy selection of dark roast coffees as well. These include a handful of varietals from around the world as well as espresso, French roast, and even a boxed gift set with some of their best sellers.

5 Estate Coffee

Estate Coffee
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Single origin coffees are prized because they come from a single region of the world and aren’t blended with any other coffees. Estate coffees are even more specific and special. They are single origin beans that come from a single farm or estate. Recognized as some of the highest quality in the world, these coffees are for the true coffee fanatic.

6 Organic Coffee

Organic Coffee
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Volcanica has a great variety of organic coffees from around the world. These beans are grown without chemical pesticides or artificial chemicals. Organic growers instead rely on natural processes and the environment to grow healthy plants. Among these offerings are regions like Bolivia, Nepal, Ethiopia, and the Dominican Republic.

7 Peaberry Coffee

Peaberry Coffee
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Peaberry coffee is a specific type of bean that has a unique shape and rich flavor. Normally, coffee cherries (the fruit coffee beans are harvested from) contain two beans. Growing side by side creates a flat surface on each bean where they meet in the middle. Peaberries happen when the coffee cherry only holds one bean. Since there isn’t another halve to press against, these beans are pea-shaped (hence the name).

8 Flavored Coffee

Flavored Coffee
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Volcanica has tons of unique flavored coffees. They stock standard flavors like vanilla, hazelnut, and Irish cream. But they also have more elaborate flavors like caramel crunch and chocolate raspberry. Seasonal favorites like pumpkin spice are even in stock year-round. While these flavors sound decadent, they won’t spike your blood sugar or ruin your diet. They don’t contain any sugar or calories.

9 Coffee Gift Boxes

Coffee Gift Boxes
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If you need a gift for the coffee lover in your life, Volcanica has you covered. They have unique options, like their gift barrel of Jamaica Blue Mountain beans. Or if you need a little more variety, there’s a 4-pack gift box with plenty of different selections to choose from. You can customize this box with all of their best sellers, all decaf, all peaberry, and more.


What is so special about Volcanica Coffee?

The coffee’s taste is usually the most important feature for most people. But there are many more factors to consider when choosing where to buy your coffee. Trying to decide if Volcanica is the right place to meet your coffee needs? Check out these pros and cons to help you decide.


  • Huge selection of high-quality beans
  • Focus on sustainability
  • 1% of sales donated to charity
  • Plenty of helpful information about their offerings


  • They state that their business is Christian based. While it’s not super present in their marketing, it might not align with everyone’s values.
  • The large number of options might be overwhelming for the casual coffee drinker. But they do have plenty of ways to filter your search for the perfect bean.
  • While the prices are very affordable given the quality, you’ll be paying a bit more than your average grocery store brand.

Plenty of options for all tastes

With over 130 different options to choose from, everyone will find something to love. Their selection includes single origin, estate, peaberry, decaf, low acid, organic, and flavored coffee.

They even have a nice variety of grind options depending on how you like to brew your coffee. For any of their coffees, you can choose from whole bean, drip, espresso, or French press grind.

The standard size for their beans is a 1-pound bag. If you’re a heavy coffee drinker or buying for a crowd, you can save some cash by buying in bulk. They offer 5% or 10% savings if you buy in 3 or 5-pound sizes.

Sustainable and ethical practices

Sustainability and ethical farming practices are gaining more recognition in the coffee world. Volcanica takes this mission to heart by offering lots of certified sustainable coffees. You can shop based on certifications like Fair Trade, organic, shade grown, or Rainforest Alliance. They also have direct relationships with their farmers, so you won’t find any shady business practices here.

Volcanica Coffee

They donate 1% of all sales to charity

Volcanica is on a mission to give back. They donate 1% of all their retail sales to an organization called charity: water. This organization works to provide clean drinking water to everyone. They work in developing countries to build community-owned water projects. These include wells, rainwater harvesting, and filtration systems. Volcanica has close ties to this charity work. Many of the countries this organization serves have coffee farms that Volcanica works with, like Bolivia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nepal, and Tanzania.

Attention to detail

You can tell they’re obsessed with coffee from their detailed product descriptions. If you know a thing or two about coffee, you’ll love the high level of detail on their coffee descriptions. They include information about growing practices, tasting notes, certifications, and processing methods. They even have a blog where there write about a variety of coffee-related topics. It’s easy to feel like you’re in good hands with this level of coffee knowledge on their site.

Is Volcanica coffee for you?

Volcanic Coffee Company is a great site for the coffee obsessed. With 130 high-quality beans to choose from, there’s something for every coffee lover.

If you’re looking for a large selection, sustainable practices, and expert curation, Volcanica might be for you. You can trust that all the coffees they offer meet the highest standards. Plus, you’ll feel good about spending money with a company that gives a portion of it back through charity.

The selection might be overwhelming for beginning coffee lovers, but it’s worth exploring. If you’re interested in learning more or trying something new, Volcanica is a good place to start.

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