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The Coffee Industry is Changing: How Will Your Business Adapt?



Sasha Pavlovich

 ·  27 February 2023

Coffee is not a secret weapon to the world anymore as it is the fuel that gets most people moving. Whether you are planning to study, work or need a boost in the morning, coffee always does the magic. The average coffee drinker consumes about three cups a day, whether it’s a cup prepared at home or an iced latte on the move.

 The coffee industry is growing by the day as there are over 150 million daily drinkers in the United States alone. One may wonder why we are talking about coffee now, of course, coffee has been around and yes, coffee consumption is not a new fad. It has existed since the discovery of the “coffee berry” in Ethiopia in the early 1900s.

We are looking at the growth of the industry and the popularity coffee gets by the day. But how can businesses adapt to this $100 billion coffee industry?

Here we will look at some of the things you can consider to adapt in this industry, with the following points:

1. Make unique coffee

While the coffee industry is growing, it also means that there will be a lot of competition and for your business to stand out or dominate, you need to up your game and make coffee that is out of this world. People are drawn to things like uniqueness, limited-time deals, and unusual blends or combinations. So, get down to it now, get creative, and come up with something exceptional, something of your own, something that will put your coffee out there.

Customers are just looking for a good drink and an offer they cannot afford to resist. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, create and test, come up with a product that will define your business. After that, the only thing that will be left is the upgrading of your menu to make it something a customer cannot put down but have a hard time choosing.

If you take a look at the Lyson coffee bags review, you will see how unique the coffee they produce is, the flavour evokes a fresh cup and is a great alternative to a home-brewed fresh cup of coffee for those strapped for time.

The Coffee Industry is Changing

2. Make it an experience

When making this an experience you’ll need to take some time to look at your business, you may not be only dealing with coffee in your business, but you can still use it as a restaurant. Even if you’re solely a coffee shop, you should think about making the experience more “DIY.” Even if fast-casual dining is extremely popular, consumers still want to have a memorable dining experience. According to an Eventbrite poll, 75% of respondents felt that unique eating experiences are worth paying more for. So, take advantage of this by providing a one-of-a-kind experience at your establishment.

Try an expensive coffee bar with a variety of mix-ins and toppings so that customers may make their own strong concoction. You can either charge a per-addition cost or a fixed fee based on the size of the cup. You might even put up a picture station with superb lighting and accessories to encourage guests to snap Instagram-worthy photos.

You may even set up a “pop up” coffee kiosk outside your property’s door or in a different area entirely. You can make this a limited-time offer to sell cold brew and iced coffees only during the summer months. If you have a welcoming outside area, you might just persuade your visitors to remain a little longer.

3. Marketing

It’s difficult to compete with well-known brands and convenient coffee alternatives. But, as we’ve already stated, you must  have something that sets you apart. When it comes to customer retention and bringing in new guests, marketing is quite important. Make a point of putting some effort into marketing. Customers for whom you have email addresses can receive email newsletters informing them of new product releases and special drink offers. Offer discounts for new drinks or a rewards scheme for frequent visits if you’re feeling generous.

To draw people’s attention, post updates often on social media and utilize high-quality, beautiful photographs. Make sure to geotag your content and urge others to do the same so that new visitors may find you.

With the help of a menu management firm, get your menu online so that individuals looking for “coffee near me” can discover you (remember, location is key to customers!) You may acquire visibility on the sites that matter, such as Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and others, with the help of menu management. More coffee drinkers will be attracted if you get the word out about your brand and products.

Coffee has been around since before you were born, yet the way we consume it has evolved dramatically over time. A simple percolated pot of coffee has evolved into a latte with an artistic topping and cold brew in a can. You should be aware of how the coffee environment is changing and how it affects your business as a restaurant or cafe owner. You want to keep bringing in customers despite the competition, so come up with innovative and creative methods to serve and market your cup of joe.

You need to know the best coffee, the best packaging methods  and way of making coffee. Lyons has the best coffee bags that will make you enjoy your cup. Now talking about Lyons coffee bags freshly ground coffee is contained in a big teabag that is excellent for brewing in a mug. They’re the ideal solution for individuals who want freshly made coffee without the hassle, and they’re a favorite choice for most customers who do not really like spending a lot of time making a cup of coffee as they are always on the go.

The Coffee Industry is Changing

But how did these tea bags come about? You may have a lot of questions about this and would like to know more about this invention. Before Taylors’ entry, Lyons had dominated this market for many years. Taylors’ brilliantly colored packaging and powerful TV campaign immediately outshone their earlier, modest branding on the shelves. Surprisingly, the Taylors had increased sales for both companies as the coffee bag became more well-known. Lyons rebranded to a more appropriate, prominent style and color to avoid their products becoming lost on a crowded shelf.

And what about the taste? To put it bluntly, Lyons coffee bags are a terrific time-saving option to a freshly prepared cup of coffee at home. The flavor profile mimics a freshly brewed cup, but it lacks that certain something that distinguishes a truly fresh cup of Joe. Lyons felt the taste to be a touch watery as a group, to the point that it took a long time to brew, and by the time the level was just right, the coffee was a little cold. Another issue they encountered was the bags’ weakness: if you squeeze them too hard, they can split, and there’s nothing worse than a mouthful of coffee grounds as you take a sip from your freshly brewed cup.

While you explore and check the other coffee packages that are there Presto coffee bags are unquestionably the best when it comes to coffee. Lyons created a wonderful blend specifically tailored for brewing in a cup after working with our skilled roasters. This eliminates the problems of stale or weak coffee, however, you will still need to brew your coffee for 3-4 minutes as this is the recommended time you can wait for you to fully appreciate your cup.

4. Realize your consumers

Coffee, which used to be a weary and stale industry with  after can of freeze-dried and overcooked beans, is rapidly evolving. More individuals are consuming coffee as a result of more scientific research demonstrating the health advantages of doing so, as well as more cafes bringing the flavor out of beans.

People are discovering what brewers have known all along thanks to improved roasting techniques, shorter shelf life, and more cups produced by hand. Thanks to better techniques and methods of preparing coffee, the average coffee drinker can now taste flavor notes like never before.

Coffee is currently used by the majority of millennials, and Generation Z is joining the caffeine bandwagon at a younger age than ever before. Starbucks has become a prestige symbol for younger customers, even if they’re only receiving a shot of espresso hidden beneath 24 ounces of milk.

The Coffee Industry is Changing: How Will Your Business Adapt?

5. Coffee trends

With the popularity of coffee shakes and sweet alternatives to coffee, the old days of bitter black coffee are being forgotten. Small cafés are growing more popular for specialty coffees roasted with high-quality beans, however, they are competing with major cafes and restaurants. While real coffee connoisseurs continue to drink black coffee that has been expertly roasted, a new generation of coffee drinkers is only beginning to appreciate coffee that has been cultivated and roasted with care.


Taking your time to know how the industry is growing and looking at the loopholes and gaps your business can fill is the best way to go and also to help your business grow. Following the above-mentioned points and other information you may have come up with or noted, you can boost up your business greatly.

The Coffee Industry is Changing

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