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Lifeboost Coffee Review. Guide to Best Beans From Lifeboost!



Sasha Pavlovich

 ·  28 February 2023

If you’re like the majority of Americans, you rely on coffee to get you through the day. While coffee is generally good for you, it can be laden with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. It can also cause stomach upset.

Lifeboost Coffee was created to give you a healthier choice that is easy on the stomach. This certified organic coffee is low acid, non-GMO, and mycotoxin free. We’ll tell you about their phenomenal journey from an idea to a well-known national brand. Here is our Lifeboost coffee review, including our experience with two varieties.

Quick Glance

Lifeboost Coffee

Overall, Lifeboost Coffee is a brand you can feel good about buying. They are committed to the fair, ethical trade of sustainably farmed coffee. They also focus on providing the healthiest coffee beans available.

Our Rating: 4.6

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Lifeboost Coffee The Company: Who, What, Why, And Where


One morning, Dr. Charles Livingston got to thinking as he drank his ritual cup of coffee. He contemplated how vital coffee was in America. 70% of Americans drink coffee at least once a week, and 62% drink coffee daily!


Lifeboost offers 100% arabica specialty coffee. The focus is on clean coffee that tastes good and is good for you. It is USDA Organic, shade grown at elevation, and single-origin. You’ll find Lifeboost coffee in a range of origins and roasts as well as flavored and decaf coffee.

Workers harvest the coffee cherries by hand. This ensures that they only pick ripe fruit. Unripe beans can be astringent or like hay. Overripe beans will be sour. Handpicking also leaves the green cherries on the plant to mature.

Regular CoffeeRegular Coffee

The staple offerings from Lifeboost are their light, medium, dark, and espresso roasts. In 2022, Lifeboost assigned these trademarked names: the lightest roast is Optimist, medium roast is Adamo, dark roast is Emboldened, and the espresso roast is Luxuriance.


Lifeboost uses the Swiss Water Process for their decaf coffees. This gives you 99.9% caffeine-free coffee. The good news is that it has all the delicious qualities of the original.

What’s more, this delicious beverage is gentle on the stomach. The combination of low acid coffee and no caffeine can help you enjoy your coffee any time, night or day. You can buy these as whole beans or pre-ground.

Biotics Cold BrewBiotics Cold Brew

It’s not uncommon for folks to give up drinking coffee because it was too rough on their stomach. If coffee usually gives you a lot of tummy trouble, you may want to try this variety.

Each bag of Lifeboost has 12 different strains of probiotics. Probiotics promote a healthy gut and might help decrease inflammation and boost the immune system. So, this is a great one-and-done way to help your belly while getting your go-juice.

Whiskey, Bourbon, or Wine Barrel Aged vs InfusedWhiskey, Bourbon, or Wine Barrel Aged vs Infused

One of the latest trends in coffee has to do with alcoholic beverages. One is to age coffee in used bourbon, whiskey, or wine barrels for around 30 days. This imparts a rich aroma and subtle undertones that add complexity to the brew.

The other trend is wine or spirits-infused coffee. It seems there are several ways to do this. Some might soak the coffee cherries in the wine or alcohol. Others might infuse the beans before or after roasting. Lifeboost does not divulge their infusion method.

Flavored CoffeeFlavored Coffee

Flavored coffee is a great way to go if you want to add unique flavors to your morning cup of coffee with  without adding sugar or calories. Lifeboost offers many delicious options year-round such as standards like French Vanilla, unusual tastes like Honey Lavender Latte, and seasonal offerings like Pumpkin Spice.


You love the convenience and freshness of using K-cup coffee pods. But you don’t like these plastic cups piling up in landfills. How do you choose between convenience and the environment?

With Lifeboost’s Pods, you don’t have to choose. These are plant-based and 100% compostable! You won’t sacrifice your principles for convenience.

The pods are compatible Keurig or Keurig 2.0. These are available in light, medium, and dark roast and several flavors.

Go BagGo Bag

If you don’t have a Keurig, you can still enjoy a convenient, single cup of coffee on the go. Check out Lifeboost’s Go Bags.

These bags work much like a teabag. Steep the bag in hot water for five minutes! The bags and packaging are fully biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. Available in medium and dark roast coffee.



Lifeboost Coffee is especially known for its focus on health and being free of harmful chemicals. All of their coffee beans are organic and low acid. They claim that even people who had to give up coffee because of the acidity could drink this Lifeboost Coffee.

Dr. Livingston also wanted to ensure the coffee benefited the people who grew it. He chose coffee farmers who used sustainable practices and he paid a fair wage. Lifeboost Coffee selects its coffee beans from small plantations in Nicaragua.



Initially, all of the coffee beans for Lifeboost’s coffee came from Nicaragua. These farms are at 5,700-feet in elevation or higher. Elevation allows the plants to grow slower, which helps develop deeper tasting notes.

The company recently expanded to offer South America, Indonesia, and Africa beans. But they still insist on organic. Many of these more exotic coffees are limited editions.

The coffee plants grow in the shade of guava trees. The shade of the trees makes it more comfortable for the harvesters and helps the beans develop sweetness. Also, the leaves from the trees make a natural mulch for the plants. This provides nutrients as well as discourages weeds.


Lifeboost Coffee Review: Pros and Cons

Life boost coffee beans are for people who want a great-tasting, low-acid coffee. It’s also for people who care about the environment and the people in it.

Whatever your preference, you can find a Lifeboost Coffee variety to fit your needs. They offer their Nicaraguan coffee beans in light, medium, dark, and espresso roasts. They also have ultra-dark midnight roast coffee beans.

If you like more flavor, here is a wide selection of all-natural Lifeboost Coffee with flavor. Be sure to check out their seasonal coffee beans with different flavors, which change throughout the year.

Here are some reasons for and against purchasing a bag (or more) of Lifeboost’s coffee.

Lifeboost Coffee


  • Single-origin
  • Organic coffee
  • Non-GMO
  • Fair Trade
  • Low acid
  • Shade-grown at high altitude
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 3rd party tested to be free of mycotoxins
  • Available in K-cup and Go Bags


  • Expensive
  • Limited origins (but growing)
  • Unexciting packaging
  • Lighter roasts fairly weak
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What Sets The Lifeboost Coffee Apart?

The primary focus at Lifeboost is to create a healthy coffee. The company also focuses on what’s good for the planet. Most of Lifeboost’s decisions are based on these principles. Here are a few things that make the Lifeboost coffee stand out.

Focus on Health and Sustainability

From the beginning, the founder of Lifeboost Coffee focused on the health benefits coffee could provide. Dr. Livingston was committed to being a better person each day. He felt that a daily ritual like coffee should help meet that goal.

As he searched for the healthiest coffee, he knew that the trade should not just benefit him and his customers. He wanted it to help the coffee farmers and producers as well. That’s why Lifeboost Coffee only offers fairly traded, organic coffee beans.

Single Origin Coffee Beans

For most coffee lovers, the term single origin equals quality. With single-origin coffee, there’s nowhere to hide. Single-origin coffees highlight the flavors unique to that region.

Low Acid

High acidity in coffee means a bright flavor. Unfortunately, increased acidity can also lead to digestive troubles. The pH scale that measures acidity ranges from 0 to 14. Lemon juice has a pH level of around 3, and water has a pH of 7.

Most coffee has a pH level of around 5.0. But Lifeboost coffee has a pH level of 6. The level of acidity depends on many things. A lighter roast is more acidic and a darker roast coffee is less acidic. The brewing method also affects acidity. For the lowest acidity, drink cold-brewed coffee.

But one of the more critical factors for acidity is the bean’s origin. Lifeboost Coffee specifically selects beans that have low acidity but are still delicious.

Third Party Tested for Mycotoxins

You may be wondering, “What are mycotoxins?” Mycotoxins are a toxic compound produced by certain fungi. At high levels, mycotoxins can lead to kidney disease and tumors.

However, mycotoxins occur naturally. They are everywhere, but usually at very low levels. The mycotoxins in coffee come from a fungus that grows on the beans.

Improper harvesting, processing, and storage can dramatically increase the fungus. That’s why Lifeboost cares about the whole process, from plantation to table. They use processing methods that reduce the risk of mycotoxins.

Coffees We Tried

For this Lifeboost coffee review, we sampled two coffees from Lifeboost: Adamo and Whiskey Barrel Aged. Both of these coffees were sourced from Nicaragua.

Adamo and Whiskey Barrel Aged
Adamo and Whiskey Barrel Aged

Adamo is the name of Lifeboost’s medium roast. In 2022, Lifeboost undertook renaming their “basic” coffees. Previously, they were simply denoted by their roast level.

Oily Coffee Beans Image

Lifeboost coffee comes in simple, attractive bags. The material is heavy and air- and water-tight with a one-way valve. It opens with a pull tab. The bags are securely resealable; the fragrance was just as strong after a week as when it first opened.

The bags are securely resealable
The bags are securely resealable

Adamo Medium Roast Coffee

Adamo Medium Roast Coffee
Adamo Medium Roast Coffee

Roast: Medium

Origin: Nicaragua

Fragrance: Earthy, tobacco

Aroma: Cocoa, slightly fruity

Tasting notes: Cocoa, cherries

Recommended brew method: Pour over

We prepared this coffee as a 1:16 pour-over, a 1:16 French press, and as a cold brew. Although we did not make this as espresso, the smooth and slightly sweet variety will probably work very well as espresso.

The beans had a fairly strong aroma when the bag was first opened. The color of the beans was a nice, even brown, with some beans noticeably darker than others. The beans appeared slightly oily, which usually only happens with a very dark roast coffee or old beans.

Similar to many Central and South American coffees, The Adamo brew is very smooth and rich. It was slightly sweet with a clean after-taste.

These beans had an aggressive bloom that actually overflowed the dripper. A promising sign if you love freshly roasted coffee. Overall, this was thoroughly enjoyable.

Whiskey Barrel Aged

Whiskey Barrel Aged
Whiskey Barrel Aged

Roast: Medium

Origin: Nicaragua

Fragrance: Sweet, earthy

Aroma: Caramel, slightly fruity and tangy

Tasting notes: Caramel, cocoa, oaky smoke, slight whiskey after-taste

Recommended brew method: French press or cold brew

We prepared this coffee from Lifeboost as a 1:16 pour-over, a 1:16 French press, and as a cold brew. The immersion methods (French press and cold brew) allowed the subtle whiskey barrel notes to develop.

We weren’t sure if this barrel-aged trend made a noticeable difference. The final verdict? Yes, it does!

The barrel aging adds complexity to this Central American. Lifeboost ages their green coffee beans for 30 days in a charred coffee whiskey barrel.

From the first whiff, it was noticeably sweeter than the regular medium roast. The first sip delivers the taste typical of coffee from Central America with notes of cocoa. The whiskey aging adds a fullness to the middle- and after-taste. It left almost a tingly sensation on the tongue with caramel notes. It might be especially nice with a dessert, but it would be good any time of day.


Best Lifeboost Coffee: Top 10 Coffee Beans From Lifeboost Reviewed

So, now you know what makes the Lifeboost Coffee special. Which variety should you try?

Lifeboost Coffee offers a range of roasts, grinds, and flavors. You can get most varieties as either whole bean coffee or ground and many are available as K-cups. They are all certified organic.

1 Midnight Roast Organic Coffee

Midnight Roast Organic Coffee
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Welcome to the dark side. We’ve got coffee!

This coffee is for people who like a robust beverage with a heavy body. The beans are roasted darker than dark. They’re almost black. It delivers a bold, slightly smokey flavor to your cup. You may even detect chocolate notes.

Lifeboost Coffee monitors the roasting process to achieve the deepest hue without burning. The resulting beverage can stand up to any amount of cream or sugar in your mug and still deliver a bold beverage.

· Roast: Very dark
· Flavor notes: Bold, smoky, with chocolate tones

2 Luxuriance (Espresso Roast)

Luxuriance (Espresso Roast)
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This coffee was formally called simply "Espresso." It is a dark roast formulated to stand up to milk. It's good when brewed in many ways.

The brew that comes from it is balanced and well-rounded. You may notice caramel or chocolate notes. It's also described as having woody or earthy tones. It is available either whole or ground. It is not available in decaf.

· Roast: Dark
· Blend tailored for espresso
· Flavor notes: Caramel, cocoa, woody

3 Biotics Cold Brew Coffee

Biotics Cold Brew Coffee
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Biotics Cold Brew is a medium roast. It's only available in a coarse pre-ground, which makes it easy to make your own cold brew at home!

Biotics Cold Brew has allowed some who had given up coffee due to stomach issues to start drinking it again! Not only does cold brewing result in low acid coffee, but each bag also has 12 different strains of probiotics to further help the stomach.

Why cold brew your coffee? Chemistry can explain why this method brings out the flavor but leaves the acidity and bitterness. Yet, all you need to know is that it makes a smooth cup of joe.

· Roast: Medium
· Available only in coarse ground
· Flavor notes: Smooth, sweet

4 Optimist Light Roast Coffee

Optimist Light Roast Coffee
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If you want to experience the true flavor of Nicaraguan coffee, try Lifeboost’s light roast coffee. A light roast does have higher acidity than darker roasts. Yet this coffee still has a lower acidity than your typical light roast.

Another characteristic of a light roast is a higher caffeine content than darker roasts. This can be a great choice to get you up and moving in the morning.

The flavor of this coffee has notes of smooth milk chocolate. You may also notice nutty or light caramel tones. The aroma is sweet with a hint of vanilla. It is not available in decaf. You can purchase this light roast either ground or as whole beans.

· Roast: Light
· Regular and decaf
· Available as K-cups
· Flavor notes:Milk chocolate, caramel, nutty

5 Adamo Medium Roast Coffee

Adamo Medium Roast Coffee
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Some describe this medium roast as having a slight strawberry sweetness. Others note a woodsy tone. Either way, it delivers a smooth, balanced cup of coffee with hints of cocoa. You can also buy Lifeboost medium roast coffee in regular or decaf. You can also choose ground or whole bean.

As with all of their coffee, this roast offers lower acidity than most other medium roasts. For your convenience, the Lifeboost medium roast coffee is also available in a K-cup pod or their Go Bag.

· Roast: Medium
· Regular and decaf (labeled Medium Decaf)
· Available as ready-to-drink cold brew
· Available as K-cups
· Flavor notes:Cocoa, cherries

6 Embolden Dark Roast Coffee

Embolden Dark Roast Coffee
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Dark roast Lifeboost coffee beans give a deep, rich cup of coffee without bitterness. It is close to a French roast.

The full-bodied brew has a slightly smoky undertone. Flavor notes include hints of dark chocolate. This low-acid coffee still has a sweetness and pleasant aftertaste.

The bold flavor of this dark roast stands up to milk or creamer. As noted above, it is available in K-cup pods and Go Bags. Other choices include ground or whole bean.

· Roast:Dark
· Regular and decaf (labeled Dark Decaf)
· Available as K-cups
· Flavor notes:Dark chocolate, smokey undertone

7 Whiskey Barrel Aged

Whiskey Barrel Aged
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(See Coffees We Tried)
In our opinion, this new trend is definitely worth trying. Aged in a charred whiskey barrel, this coffee is complex with caramel and smokey tones without tasting. It's available whole or ground.

· Roast:Medium
· Not available in decaf
· Flavor notes:Oak smoke, caramel, cocoa, whiskey

8 Hazelnut Medium Roast Coffee

Hazelnut Medium Roast Coffee
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Hazelnut is a staple among flavored coffees. With this flavored coffee, you get all of the goodness of their medium roast coffee and then some!

The hazelnut flavor blends flawlessly with the nutty, chocolate, and caramel tones of this medium roast coffee. You’ll get a low-acid, balanced cup bursting with taste. It’s available in both regular and decaf. Also, you can choose whole bean or ground.

· Roast:Medium
· Included in Flavored Sample Pack
· Regular and decaf
· Available as K-cups
· Flavor notes:Hazelnut, buttery

9 French Vanilla Medium Roast Coffee

French Vanilla Medium Roast Coffee
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How do you make an excellent medium roast coffee even better? Add a little French vanilla pizzaz!

The subtle vanilla flavor perfectly tops this balanced brew. You won’t find the sicky-sweet taste you get in cheap vanilla flavored coffees. It is available as whole beans or ground. You can also get this flavored coffee in regular and decaf.

· Roast:Medium
· Available in a scented candle
· Included in Flavored Sample Pack
· Regular and decaf
· Available as K-cups
· Flavor notes:Vanilla custard, floral

10 Caramel Macchiato Coffee

Caramel Macchiato Coffee
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Do you crave a decadent caramel macchiato from a coffee shop? Yes, but don’t want all the extra calories? Then try Lifeboost’s Caramel Macchiato coffee. It’s available as whole bean or ground.

The natural flavors add taste without any sugar or extra calories. This coffee adds caramel and a hint of vanilla. It blends well with the slightly nutty taste of the medium roast. You can try this coffee in regular or decaf.

· Roast:Medium
· Included in Flavored Sample Pack
· Regular and decaf
· Flavor notes:Caramel, vanilla, nutty

coffee (3)

Lifeboost Coffee Growing Process

Lifeboost cares about the coffee process from the first planting all the way through to the beverage in your cup. Many of the processing decisions are to prevent mycotoxins on the beans.

Growing Conditions

The coffee plants grow at high altitudes. These high elevations bring cooler temperatures. The cooler temperature allows the beans to develop flavor. The beans Lifeboost chooses are also shade-grown. When the coffee cherries are ripe, workers pick them by hand.


Lifeboost uses a hybrid wet/dry method to process the coffee cherries. Freshly picked coffee cherries first rest and ferment for 26 hours. This allows the farmers to then remove the skins without damaging the bean.

Next, they wash the cherries in spring water. Many coffee growers allow the cherries to ferment at this point to separate the cherry pulp from the bean. Instead, Lifeboost uses a mechanical process to separate the pulp from the bean.

Careful Drying and Storing

Next, they let the beans dry in the sun. Then, they store the dry beans inside burlap bags in a sterile warehouse. This allows the beans to rest and fully develop their flavor before roasting.

Fair Trade Certified

Fair trade coffee is all about supporting small farms and their workers. With this certification, you know that the company paid farmers a fair price for their coffee.

A number of different organizations offer a fair trade certification. The primary goal of a fair-trade seal is to ensure that your money is going to help boost the standard of living of the workers and farmers.


Health Benefits

Drinking coffee may help you live longer! In addition to the energy boost of caffeine, coffee is high in antioxidants and other important nutrients.

Most people know about the energy boost from caffeine. Studies show that caffeine can help break down fat and give your metabolism a lift. This natural drug can also help increase neurotransmitters, increasing your focus.

For many Americans, coffee is the largest source of antioxidants in their diet. These substances may help protect against cancer, heart disease, and other serious illnesses.

Do these claims sound too good to be true? Well, researchers at Harvard have studied all these potential benefits. Here is a short video summarizing what they have found.

To Try or Not to Try

We hope this article has given you information you can use. With any bag of Lifeboost’s coffee you buy, you know you’re getting a healthy, low-acid coffee. You are also making an ethical choice to support Nicaraguan farmers.

So, is Lifeboost’s coffee worth the extra money? That’s a decision you’ll have to make for yourself. Many absolutely swear by the taste and health effects this coffee brings. With all the different roasts and flavors to choose from, you can find one that suits your taste.

In the end, you won’t really know if you’ll like a particular coffee until you try it. If coffee gives your belly problems, these low acid coffees might help. Life Boost coffee is definitely worth a try.

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