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Best Koffee Kult Coffees


Sasha Pavlovich

10/15/2020 · 9 min reading

Koffee Kult may have been south Florida’s best kept secret, but those days are over. And that’s great news for you! They have delivered gourmet and specialty coffees to coffee shops for years. Now, you can get their coffee shipped directly to your home.

While they are very serious about delivering the best coffee, they keep things light-hearted. Their unique logos and packaging clearly tell what’s inside. Yet, their whimsical branding will bring a smile to your face.

One thing that sets this company apart is their roasting processes. No single type of roast works best for all coffee varieties. Instead, the master roaster determines the precise method to bring out the best of each type of bean. Then, they roast in small batches. In fact, the average batch size is 30 pounds! This ensures that you have the freshest beans possible to create a perfect cup of coffee at home.

They Know Their Beans

A whole lot of science, and a bit of artistry, goes into bringing you that perfect cup of Joe. You can count on their quality beans to produce anything from a strong, dark espresso to a light and fruity French press.

They search all over the world to bring the best beans to their roasting house. But they won’t buy from just anyone, no matter how good the coffee is. They develop relationships with the farmers. They demand that the farm pays women equal wages. They also make sure that the farm uses techniques that support the environment. This Koffee Kult review will discuss what else sets them apart.

So Many Coffees, So Little Time

It can be a little intimidating trying to decide which coffee to buy. Names like Guatemalan Huehuetenango and Ethiopia Natural Yirga Cheffe Koke may seem completely alien. How do you know which one you will like?

There is one thing you can be sure of. All their coffees are specialty grade 100% arabica beans. That’s the best you can get.

The first choice you have to make is usually deciding what level of roast to get. Some prefer a lighter, almost grassy taste while others like their beans roasted to the point of charring. We’ll get more into choosing a roast later. But first, let’s look at where it all starts.

Even Before the Roast

You know that the type of roast and the brewing process affect the overall taste. But so much more goes into the equation. That’s why these guys pay attention to details. They care about things like varietal, harvest, and processing method. Why does it matter?

Different varieties of coffee plants have different characteristics. For instance, Bourbon cultivars produce a sweet and complex cup of coffee. Columbian varieties create a full-bodied coffee with hints of chocolate and caramel. Other coffees may have hints of citrus or other fruits.

There’s a few more things that affects the overall experience of coffee in the cup. Nost of us have never thought about these things. I’m talking about how the coffee bean was harvested, processed, and transported. It’s certainly something that I had never wondered about before. Could these things possibly make a difference?

Yes, they do! But you don’t need to worry about it. This company’s experts pay close attention to every detail. They can tell you where, when, and how the local farmers harvested and processed each batch.I just trust that they know their stuff.

But even with the perfect dried and delivered bean, so much can still go wrong. Luckily, these guys leave nothing to chance. They understand which beans can stand on their own and which are better as part of a blend. They also know which roasting method best brings out the inherent flavor of each variety.

That brings us to the next step in the long journey from the fields to your favorite coffee mug. Below is more information about the roasting process.

Coffee Roasted in Small Batches

Have you ever brewed a pot of your favorite brand of coffee and have it taste terrible? It might be bitter, flavorless, or lack its usual aroma. If all other factors were the same, then it’s likely that your coffee has become stale.

Freshness is key when talking about coffee. Ideally, use the grounds immediately after grinding. But it’s also important to use the beans as soon after roasting as possible. When you expose roasted coffee to air, it quickly oxidizes and loses taste and aroma. Stale beans also lose their smoothness and can gain a salty taste.

When you buy coffee at the grocery store, you have no idea how long it has been sitting around. Freshness is so important that Koffee Kult prints the roasting date right on each bag along with the ‘best used by’ date.

But what about the roast itself? It’s pretty easy to determine the roast of a coffee. Just look at it! But what qualities do different roasts have?

In general, lighter roasts are sweeter but more acidic. A Koffee Kult dark roast can deliver more flavor and lose its acidity, but darker roasts can become bitter. Everyone has their own preference. This video can help explain a little more about the process and qualities of roasting.

What Are the Advantages of Single-Source Coffees?

The majority of this company’s products are single-source coffees. That way, you can choose exactly what you want in terms of flavor, body, and acidity. If you’re really ambitious, you can even create your own blends at home.

To make things easier, the company does offer their own blends to deliver a balanced cup at home. They have a proprietary medium roast blend and a dark roast blend. You can also choose a specialty blend that lends itself to a particular brewing method. For instance, they offer the Thunder Bolt French Roast and the Eyecracker Espresso Beans.

Interestingly, a single-source coffee may include several different varieties. Take Tanzanian Peaberry. It includes Bourbon, Kents, Typica, and Blue Mountain varieties. They combine these to give the best of many worlds.

What About Caffeine?

Several factors go into determining the caffeine level of a cup of coffee. Certain varietals will pack more of a punch than others. But the roast and brew method also contribute to the final count.

Most assume that a dark roast would give you more go-juice than a light roast. Yet, the opposite is true. For a turbo-charged cup, go for a blond roast. That’s because the roasting process basically cooks out the caffeine. While lighter beans lack the roast flavor most people expect from coffee, it does have a pleasant, sweet, almost nutty flavor.

So, there’s a world of difference between the wake-up power in their blond roast White Lightening versus Koffee Kult decaf. In fact, the difference can be 300 mg or more in a 16-ounce cup! While these are the two extremes, there is a wide variety in between.

Brew method also matters. Did you know that there is usually more caffeine in a serving of drip coffee than in a serving of espresso? You’ll get the highest level of caffeine by boiling or percolating the grinds. That’s followed by the pour-over method. Drip and French Press coffee are fairly close in terms of caffeine. Espresso has less caffeine than all these methods.

A Note About Cupping

A lot goes into the flavor profile of a bag of beans. In coffee descriptions, you’ll see the term “cupping”. Cupping is just a fancy word for testing the flavor of a coffee. Professional coffee tasters sniff and slurp batches of coffee and describe things like flavor notes, how it feels in the mouth, or how acidic it is.

Koffee Kult Review

People are so peculiar! While some prefer their coffee almost burnt, others only want the lightest toasting. Still others want to sit firmly in the middle. Regardless of which way you swing, you’re sure to find a coffee that suits your exact preference. In fact, you may want to keep several different types on hand to match your many different moods.

1 Medium Roast Coffee

Medium Roast Coffee
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A medium roast coffee is the most common in the U.S. It brings out the sweetness while maintaining the original flavor of the bean. A medium roast coffee is delightful to get you started in the morning. It can also help recharge your batteries any time of day.

You’ll find over ten different medium roast coffees to choose from. Their signature medium roast blend is a mix of Columbian and Brazilian beans. It gives a smooth flavor with balanced acidity. You can get this blend ground or as whole bean.

Other medium roast options include the espresso blend Eyecracker, with a fruity, bright flavor. You’ll also find single-source medium roasts like the Kenya and the Costa Rican Naranjo La Rose.

2 Dark Roast Coffees

Dark Roast Coffees
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If you want a heavy hitter in terms of flavor, choose a dark roast. While the darkest French roast delivers a smoky flavor, dark roasts can still provide a clean taste.

The Koffee Kult dark roast blend combines beans from Columbia, Guatemala, and Sumatra. This blend offers a heavy body with a bright finish. They package the beans immediately after roasting to ensure freshness. You can also get the Sumatra as a single-source dark roast. Sumatra is my personal favorite. It delivers a deep, rich cup of coffee that is smooth with hints of baker’s chocolate.

If you love chocolate notes but want a blend, choose the Road Dog. With beans from Guatemala and Columbia, cupping notes include cocoa and brown sugar. It will get you revved up and ready for any adventure.

3 Decaf Coffees

Decaf Coffees
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Decaf used to be the scourge of the coffee world. It used to gave a flat, stale taste. But new technology has changed that. These days, almost no one can tell the difference between a Koffee Kult decaf and its caffeinated counterpart.

That’s great news for coffee lovers who cherish the taste of coffee but can’t tolerate the caffeine. The decaf process removes about 97% of the caffeine. So, no more holding back. It’s time to enjoy the rich world of decaf coffee.

This company makes all their decaf coffees without chemicals. Their water process Columbian decaf tops the list. It delivers a medium body with dark chocolate notes. You can also choose their Brazilian decaf. If you can’t decide, pick their Frontera blend which combines the two.

Just Like at the Cafe

If you’re like so many others, you’re looking for ways to trim your budget. One way to do that is to limit going out to coffee. But does that mean being doomed to a dull, lifeless cup when you need to get going or have a moment to relax? Absolutely not!

Whether you have a fancy espresso machine that cost thousands of dollars or a cheap drip coffee maker, you can enjoy a satisfying, rich coffee at home any time of day or night. When you choose Koffee Kult, you know you’ll get a fine, artisanal drink every time. So, explore their many offerings. You just might find a new favorite.

Best Koffee Kult Coffees - Reviewed

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