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the coffee calendar

The Coffee Calendar

Hey Everyone!

It is Sasha again over here 😀

As a barista, I'm passionate about coffee and want to help my fellow coffee lovers stay informed about the ever-changing events in the industry. I've decided to put together a basic coffee events calendar. Here, you can find some of the more well-known events happening across the coffee industry. It's just a start, but I'm hoping it will be a useful resource for readers and contributors alike. With enough support, I'm confident I can take this calendar to the next level.

Feel free to contact me if you have any additional events that you would like to have mentioned on this coffee calendar. Make sure to include the event name, description, location, dates, and media.

World Coffee Events 2023


National Coffee Association Annual Convention
Tampa, Fla.
March 9-11

Caffeine Crawl
Oklahoma City, Okla.
March 24-25


Caffeine Crawl
North Carolina Piedmont
April 15

Specialty Coffee Expo
Portland, Ore.
April 21-23

London Coffee Festival
London, U.K.
April 20-23

Caffeine Crawl
Kansas City, Mo.
April 22-23


Svenska Kaffeveckan
Gothenburg, Sweden
May 4

Toronto Coffee Festival
Toronto, Canada
May 12-14

International Coffee Tea Asia
May 25-27

The Barista League
Brno, Czech Republic
May 26

Caffeine Crawl
NW Arkansas
May 27


Coffee Fest Louisville
Louisville, Ky.
June 2-3

The Barista League
Toronto, Canada
June 17

World of Coffee
Athens, Greece
June 22-24


The Barista League
Los Angeles, Calif.
Aug. 5

Coffee Fest Anaheim
Anaheim, Calif.
Aug. 6-8


The Barista League
Bristol, U.K.
Sept. 9

NOLA Coffee Festival
New Orleans, La.
Sept. 15-16

The Barista League
Melbourne, Australia
Sept. 22


The Barista League
Spain – (Location TBD)
Oct. 1

HOST Milan
Milan, Italy
Oct. 13-17

Caffeine Crawl
Columbia, Mo.
Oct. 14

The Barista League
Milwaukee, Wisc.
Oct. 21


Cafe Show
Seoul, Korea
Nov. 8-11

Coffee Fest Orlando
Orlando, Fla.
Nov. 10-12


The Barista League
Atlanta, Ga.
Dec. 2