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About: Andrew Chung

Bio: I live in Sydney and I do a lot of cool things like being an architect, taking photographs, designing websites and I also love drinking coffee. I started the site It's about how cafes are becoming popular around the world. Over 40 people, including architects, photographers and writers, help me run it.

Posts by Andrew Chung:

Designing Green: Best Garden Cafes and restaurant Redefining Modern Café Culture

Posted on: 14 Mar 2024

In the fast-paced world of urban living, the café has become more than a place to grab a quick coffee; it’s a haven, a social space, and an extension of our lifestyle. Brought to you by friends of Kapediaries, Best Cafe Designs, this following article looks to examine modern cafe culture, observe a new trend […]

Indonesian Coffee and 3 Cool Cafes in Makassar

Posted on: 21 Dec 2023

Indonesia stands as a cornerstone in the global coffee landscape, renowned for its diverse and rich coffee culture. The archipelago is celebrated for producing some of the finest beans globally, with regions like Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, and Bali yielding distinctive flavors. Indonesian coffee, characterized by its earthy undertones and deep, full-bodied profiles, encompasses a variety […]

Best Cafe CBD Sydney

Posted on: 07 Nov 2023

Sydney’s CBD is known for its vibrant cafe culture, where you can savor a perfect cup of coffee in the heart of the city. Sydney cbd cafe Nestled in the heart of Sydney’s bustling central business district, the cafe culture thrives, and it’s here that you’ll discover some of the city’s best coffee experiences. Sydney’s […]

Berlin’s Best Coffee Shops / Best Cafe Designs

Posted on: 31 Oct 2023

For those seeking a delightful blend of travel and design inspiration, Best Cafe Designs is your ultimate guide and resource. Founded by Andrew Chung, an architect, photographer, website designer and coffee drinker, the site is a collaboration of over 40 architects, photographers and writers and covers cafes from all continents in the world including an […]