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Best Coffee Shops In Houston

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the buzz of people chatting, and the warmth of a cozy cafe all make for an experience that cannot be replicated. In Houston, we are blessed with an abundance of coffee shops, each with its unique personality, brews, and atmosphere. 

Whether you are a coffee connoisseur looking for the perfect pour-over or a casual sipper searching for a spot to catch up with friends, Houston has something for everyone.

Here we will take you on a journey to discover the hidden gems and the classic favorites that make Houston’s coffee scene.

As if that’s not enough, you’ll find these selected coffee shops feature amenities that are worthy of your next visit. But, the real magic starts with the top service and quality coffee blends that you’re looking for. All that’s missing is you!

Top 10 Best Coffee Shops in Houston, Texas

Great Place for on-the-go Workers!:

The legendary coffee Mecca of Houston:

Houston’s Top Small-batch Coffee Roaster Coffeehouse:

Breakfast, Brunch, Bakery, and Bustling Coffee!:

Secluded Boho Cafe with Awesome Coffee:

Coffee Cafe with brunch appeal:

Awesome coffee & decor and Pilates!:

Historic Landmark, Great Coffee, and Crepes:

European Specialty Coffee with Lite Bites:

The Best-hidden Coffee Bar in Houston:

Terrific Old-school Coffee Shop Vibes:

Local, Secluded, and no Pretentious Coffee:

Living Room Appeal with Great Coffee!:

Specialty Coffees, Cozy Decor, Fast Service:

The Ultimate Laid-back Coffee Shop:


Even if you’re just looking for effortless coffee pick-up or an afternoon of enjoying a cup, Slowpokes is no joke. They offer a wide range of signature snack bites that are healthy and filling. Their menu includes American-style favorites that are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find they also have a fine selection of wines and locally-brewed beers.

Despite the name, don’t hesitate to pop in for Happy Hour likewise, since service never crawls at a snail’s pace. You won’t be disappointed.

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A longtime favorite for late-night study hounds, Agora still serves til 2 am all week long. They have an extensive coffee menu with excellent European-style coffees. To top things off, they also feature a wonderful selection of beers, wines, champagne, and specialty mixed cold brew drinks. If you have a sweet tooth, their imported Greek candies will give you a finer taste of the old world.

They even provide belly dancer evenings in the upstairs lounge area within a rustic mix of Greek and Texas-style Décor.

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Boomtown Coffee

What you’ll find at Boomtown Coffee isn’t just an extensive array of custom-roasted coffee house blends, it’s a real lifestyle. It’s a hip place if you love studying or savoring innovative sustainably-sourced beans from all over the world. They also have a side menu with everything from avocado toast to tacos and alternative diet bites. There are gift certificates and plenty of merch available too.

What is refreshing is their selection of more than a dozen of their custom-roasted beans and mixed bean subscription packs.

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4Common Bond Bistro & Bakery (Montrose)

The best coffee shops in Houston with the trendiest brassiere baked goods you’ll ever see. Aside from the ample selection of coffee and blended drinks, they further feature beer and wine choices as well. Their weekly specials including Happy Hour, Mimosas, and Frozés are additionally tempting. On their dining menu, they also offer salads, soups, and hearty classics that won’t disappoint your sense of local flavors.

They also go the extra mile with amazing pastry options and custom-order cakes. It’s perfect for afternoon shopping breaks and early cocktails.

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Sunday Press

There’s no shortage of signature coffee and blended drinks to go along with their delicate breakfast and brunch menu items. Sunday Press also features desserts and pastries that pair perfectly with your coffee order. During the week they offer to buy one and get the 2nd half-priced for Happy Hour. There are also in-house events including drinks and menu specials on select days. You can purchase gift cards for yourself or someone special to enjoy.

If you’re looking to have conferences & meetings, they also have a conference room available to rent.

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How about a cafe setting with loads of open space to enjoy a morning cup in coffee shops Houston locals love? Blacksmith offers breakfast and brunch menu options for all tastes. They have a nice selection of exotic tea and non-coffee drinks too. While you’re there, you can take home several unique coffee accessories and merchandise items for home, or gifts for friends. It’s great for enjoying hipster vibes and freshly brewed coffee.

If you have time for breakfast, their menu is always upscale with Tex-Mex favorites across the board.

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Duo Coffee & Pilates

Where else can you go in the Houston coffee scene for a jolt of espresso and Pilates studio all-in-one? But that’s not all since Duo Cafe also features some fun events throughout the month. They have karaoke nights, a wine-tasting event club, and boxing workshops! They also have monthly Pilates specials and classes that run all day long for anyone keen on keeping fit. The atmosphere is casual with deliciously upscale coffee drinks.

Food options are scaled back a notch but are just as savory as their coffee blends.

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Retrospect Coffee Bar

This was one of the first gas stations in Houston where you could order a cold soda with your fill-up. Now after an extensive renovation, Retrospect Coffee Bar features unmistakably good coffee. They also have a fine selection of crepes and baked items that will bring you back again and again. They also have fine wines and craft beers for those who enjoy a chaser after a great cup of coffee or tea.

There is ample space outside where you can enjoy fresh air on any occasion you visit.

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Roast and Brew

The entire coffee menu isn’t dedicated to only Euro coffee creations and blends but the flavors are high-intensity. They have more than enough space for study types who need a quiet spot to concentrate. They further offer local favorites including Nitro Brew and cold brew blends along with Greek and Freddo coffee blends. When it comes to food they have all-day breakfasts, salads, and Greek entrees. Their lite side dishes are always great for between-meal snacks likewise.

Roast and Brew has plenty of seating space with indoor and an outdoor patio area.

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The Cuppo Coffee & Tea

Some of the best coffee house locations in Houston are the ones you never find so easily. The Cuppo Coffee & Tea is tucked away in a strip mall off Jones Road, you might have missed it. The interior is amazingly quaint and attractive, but it’s the custom coffee blends that everyone is raving about. The owners are Vietnamese and use condensed milk for their signature Cuppo coffee drinks and Ube lattes.

They have an assortment of teas and easy snack bites that are equally delicious. Check them out!

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Catalina Coffee

Catalina coffee is such an honest dive into what you would expect to see in coffee shops in Houston. It does its job so well that customers come back for great coffee every day! They also sell their roasted beans right at the counter for your home brewing convenience. It has a large and rustic interior that is great for enjoying coffee with friends, but certainly not for studying. There is music playing popular songs that give a satisfying level of ambiance to add to your coffee experience.

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Here is another classic hidden gem for underground coffee shops Houston residents are looking for. Antidote is very laid back and off the path for most upscale coffee shops. They serve excellent coffee that is friendly and lightning-fast compared to most coffee houses. It also features a quirky retro feel that’s popular with the H-Town crowd, making it very comfy! Despite their Facebook page, they can further be found on Instagram.

There aren’t many snacks that are offered, but the coffee concoctions make up a majority of their main drink menu.

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The Coffee Barr

As if you stepped into a cleverly disguised movie set, The Coffee Barr serves comfort for the Houston coffee scene. It’s nice and quiet for chilling out in lounge areas that are all equally themed. Their selections of coffee and home-cooked menu items make you feel right at home. They are also found on Instagram and TikTok and are becoming a sensational hotspot for coffee shop fans. They also have a backyard patio area to enjoy blended coffee drinks outside too.

If you like small-town coffee shop ambiance, this java joint is perfect.

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Barbarossa Coffee

This is one of two chains that are growing into a popular brand of Barbarossa special roasted coffee blends. This location is wide open for relaxing with outstandingly helpful customer service. They serve and sell many rare and single-origin coffee beans that are available on their menu and in their shop. Barbarossa Coffee not only has its own merch for sale, but they also feature the widest range of coffee home-brewing equipment.

They have various pastries and sweets that marry perfectly with any coffee you order.

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Pura Coffee

The best part about Pura Coffee is they have a keen art deco feeling for décor for their coffee shop. They also feature a fine selection of pastries and baked sweets that are brought in daily as well. But it’s the selection of coffee and tea that is bringing the most dedicated customers back for more. You’ll also find that some quirky menu options include boiled eggs with cheese, crackers, and nuts!

If you haven’t heard of Pura Coffee just yet, they’re ready to make you their next satisfied customer.

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Sasha Pavlovich

Hi, I'm Sasha Pavlovich and welcome to my blog about coffee! As an experienced barista, I have a deep passion for coffee. I love to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with everyone, and I never get tired of talking about it. Whether you're a novice or a connoisseur, I'm sure you'll find something on my site that will make you appreciate the wonderful world of coffee even more.

Sasha Pavlovich

Hi, I'm Sasha Pavlovich and welcome to my blog about coffee! As an experienced barista, I have a deep passion for coffee. I love to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with everyone, and I never get tired of talking about it. Whether you're a novice or a connoisseur, I'm sure you'll find something on my site that will make you appreciate the wonderful world of coffee even more.

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